January 16th, 2021

How about free pass for seniors?

By Letter to the Editor on July 11, 2020.

Dear Honorable Speaker of the House Anthony Rota,

I have written this letter before (about 10 years ago) but no response. In my conversation with new Canadians they have let me know that along with their citizenship they get a pass to the federal parks in Canada. I think that is a very nice gesture, but what about the seniors whose years of taxes paid for the building of these parks? It would be a nice gesture to get a free park pass.

This government is so very determined to make us pay for things we had no part in, things that happened years and sometimes centuries ago. Well, if you have having us pay for things we had no part in, it would be nice if you recognized some of the good things the seniors’ taxes have paid for by acknowledging us by giving us a free pass to the parks we helped build. All coins are two-sided.

Thanks for attention to this matter. Canada is a great country and when my family and I immigrated here in 1940 we had to pay money (post a bond) to get into this country. And that was a good thing, then we knew we had to honestly work for what we needed and wanted. Things have changed and not for the better.

Madeleine S. Kurtz


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Citi Zen

Madeleine, you have to understand… seniors are a financial burden on the government. What with CPP, OAS, government pensions, health care, etc etc. Now we want a $30 park pass? Like, really?
Justin is very generous, but only if you are indigenous, a charity, an immigrant, or a foreign country. Don’t hold your breath for a park pass.

ON edit: Park passes used to be free for seniors in Canada, and still are in the U.S.


maybe you don’t recall, but the CPP is the money you gave to the government to invest for YOU so you would have a pension. IT IS YOUR MONIES BEING RETURNED FOR YOU< NOT A BURDEN TO THE GOVERNMENT. (UNLESS THEY LOST OR MISSPENT IT)


Madeline: In Saskatchewan, there are free park passes and free angling passes for Seniors. There is no reason for this not be available for all Provinces.


overlooked is what new cdns get BEFORE they are deemed new cdns. lesson 101 in how to buy up the ghetto vote: be seen as the party that opened the door, grease their palms, then open it more. and, ta da! you get a significant and growing bloc of ethnic vote.