January 20th, 2021

Comments display ignorance, bigotry

By Letter to the Editor on July 16, 2020.

I am often saddened by statements made in the Roasts & Toasts page. June 15 had many roasts that displayed both ignorance and bigotry toward certain members of our community. Homeless people were accused of theft, of being in places they didn’t belong. What makes this even more disturbing is that the roasters are nameless.

I live across from the running track park. The City opened the Fritz Sick gym as a homeless shelter during the COVID outbreak. There were many people walking the streets, using the park, etc. during that period. I have never experienced any theft, nor any danger or problem from anyone.

I was also disturbed by the story in The Herald, June 25, of an attack in Galt Gardens. Apparently, the victim chose to say something to people he didn’t know, that caused them to react violently. They are facing charges but his statement is unknown and his name unknown. I don’t condone any form of violence, nor do I condone racism. There are obviously two sides to this story, but only one is made public.

Lethbridge is a racist community. While many community members try to reverse this, there are many that still practise it.

Frances Schultz


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You must be one of the lucky few Frances! I work with the public and am always inundated with stories of peoples private property being violated. But it hit home hard when two of my close neighbor’s garages were broken into. So your narrative that our city is not affected by these people is grossly misleading.
Maybe the comments you speak of is more a sign of frustration of the people and not the so-called racist, ignorance and bigotry you falsely portray!


so-called racism? false? get over yourself, johnny. alberta is a hot-bed of ignorant, redneck, fascists. however, as the writer notes, there are those that have risen above ignorance and self-aggrandisement. in fact, the province has improved little by little over the last 20 years, unlike its twin, quebec. now there you will find your classic backwash redneck self-aggrandised racist albertan type, only there they come dressed up as pure laine quebecois french speaking hater of everything not white and not french…and they have been allowed to practice their racist and discriminatory behaviour for decades. j57 – if you changed your name to jean cinquante sept, and learned french fluently, and said your frenchness goes back centuries you would be so happy there. you would benefit from equalisation payments, and: you would have your provincially run pension plan. what are you waiting for?


Well actually Biff! What are YOU waiting for? If Alberta is so full of hate and bigotry and is so awful to live in-just might be time for you to pack-up your belongings and make like a banana and split! Just don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.
When you pull-out the victim card for these people like you usually do you enable them to continue their life of crime. When one race of people are responsible for the majority of the crime in our city its our moral obligation to call them out on it. And if that calling-out comes across as a form of racism then so be-it!
Your “political correctness”-tip-toeing around the tulips act is worrisome and is systemic of a bigger problem in our society today.


you and the racists that go to extremes to justify their racism miss the irony that the racist is actually less the person, not the better. seeing as alberta needs more of the open-minded mentality, not less, i will stay and soldier on. alas.
but you and still too many like you – trust me, johnny, you would fit in so perfectly with the quebecois. all you yourself would need is just a language make-over and name translation. and like i said, they already have the provincially run pension you think so highly of, and the equalisation money you whine on and on about. corruption is thick and deep rooted there, as it is here. and, the seps are just as blind to it or accepting of it, as they are here, so long as it their favourite govt doing the stealing. here, we think graft and corruption are great so long as conservative is mentioned in the party in power’s name. there, while they do not need conservative to be in the party name for graft and corruption to be accepted, they just need the party in power to openly discriminate against everything not french-white. and, here is another goody for you, they justify their hatred and self-entitlement just like the supremacists here, only there, there is less opposing that abhorrent behaviour. so, go, jean cinquante-sept! allez-vous! you will thank me. it is about a 36 hour trip…you think your low-riding ’57 chev will make it?


And I will repeat myself! If things are so bad here under us racists WHY do you remain here? YOU are always the one that whines about us home-grown types (I am sure you are not from here) Its time for you to GO as there is nothing here for you. And you won’t be converting me or others to your snow-flake ideology anytime soon.