January 25th, 2021

UCP stuck in a two-dimensional world

By Letter to the Editor on July 27, 2020.

The difficulty with the UCP is they inhabit a two-dimensional world. Their world exists only with tax and money. The human element is missing, and they have difficulty including real people in their concepts of value.

Cosmologists have a similar problem describing additional dimensions to people stuck in the world of four dimensions; it is just too hard to fathom something beyond the normal fields of interest. One has to get into fuzzy areas like empathy, hunger and emotions like stress; never mind other functional adaptions like addiction. It becomes all too complicated. Just keep it simply about power (manipulating time and money).

Manipulation allows them to be playful with the language, as in adding Progressive to the old Conservative, and still believing it’s the same thing. Then, adding United to give the impression that something more exciting has been added. I am sure Mr. Lougheed would be rolling in his grave – at least rolling his eyes if he could. The Conservative is retained for the benefit of those who can’t seem to progress beyond the two dimensions.

The rest of us must try to be patient for the slow learners to catch up. It seems a waste of energy to try to expand the consciousness of the limited dimensionals. Their frustration results in name-calling and mudslinging; and they revert to tax saving and debt in their limited understanding. It is all very sad. Even on the national scale, the party is limited and unimaginative. What does it say about us Canadians that we cannot advance our awareness or interest beyond this two-colour system of government? What does it say about all the Americas who insist on only the two extremes of financial/political power options?

Don Ryane


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Maybe its YOU Don that’s having trouble catching-up! Money does make the world go-around! Like it or hate it but that is the way it is! Yes it is unfortunate that there is collateral-damage in the form of human suffering from time-to-time. Suck-it-up Don! I would be interested to know how much of YOUR own money you have donated to help alleviate your “sky-is-falling” narrative!


The TRUE Albertans suck-it-up and hang-in until the pendulum swings back. The ones whining and crying as above need to put-up or leave this beautiful province behind! Just don’t let the door hit your Liberal ass on the way out!

Tris Pargeter

Beware “true” believers of any stripe.


I will judge him on his record and his results after his term is up! You are alone thinking you were a Conservative! Fooled nobody! You fit nicely into the NDP playbook. I will even guess your fav color is orange! Isn’t it FC? And you call yourself a true Conservative lol lol.


I was shocked when I didn’t see Rayne talk about his made up friends or refer to Kenney being a liberal, but thank god he came in to the comments pretending to be someone else so we got all the usual Fed Up tropes of fake friends, this time lawyers, Kenney is a liberal and pointless shots at Klein.

The UCP’s are doing a great job. I have yet to hear from a single UCP voter saying they regret anything other than the 4 years of hell we had under the NDP.




NO I am not religious! Nice try!


“Lets get baxter and johnny to give a list of all the hell Notley created for us?”..Hmm while I stir my coffee here, SCS comes to mind! What defense can you offer for your orange superiors on that boondoggle FC? I a wait!