August 14th, 2020

UCP stuck in a two-dimensional world

By Letter to the Editor on July 27, 2020.

The difficulty with the UCP is they inhabit a two-dimensional world. Their world exists only with tax and money. The human element is missing, and they have difficulty including real people in their concepts of value.

Cosmologists have a similar problem describing additional dimensions to people stuck in the world of four dimensions; it is just too hard to fathom something beyond the normal fields of interest. One has to get into fuzzy areas like empathy, hunger and emotions like stress; never mind other functional adaptions like addiction. It becomes all too complicated. Just keep it simply about power (manipulating time and money).

Manipulation allows them to be playful with the language, as in adding Progressive to the old Conservative, and still believing it’s the same thing. Then, adding United to give the impression that something more exciting has been added. I am sure Mr. Lougheed would be rolling in his grave – at least rolling his eyes if he could. The Conservative is retained for the benefit of those who can’t seem to progress beyond the two dimensions.

The rest of us must try to be patient for the slow learners to catch up. It seems a waste of energy to try to expand the consciousness of the limited dimensionals. Their frustration results in name-calling and mudslinging; and they revert to tax saving and debt in their limited understanding. It is all very sad. Even on the national scale, the party is limited and unimaginative. What does it say about us Canadians that we cannot advance our awareness or interest beyond this two-colour system of government? What does it say about all the Americas who insist on only the two extremes of financial/political power options?

Don Ryane


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20 Responses to “UCP stuck in a two-dimensional world”

  1. johnny57 says:

    Maybe its YOU Don that’s having trouble catching-up! Money does make the world go-around! Like it or hate it but that is the way it is! Yes it is unfortunate that there is collateral-damage in the form of human suffering from time-to-time. Suck-it-up Don! I would be interested to know how much of YOUR own money you have donated to help alleviate your “sky-is-falling” narrative!

  2. baxter says:

    I was shocked when I didn’t see Rayne talk about his made up friends or refer to Kenney being a liberal, but thank god he came in to the comments pretending to be someone else so we got all the usual Fed Up tropes of fake friends, this time lawyers, Kenney is a liberal and pointless shots at Klein.

    The UCP’s are doing a great job. I have yet to hear from a single UCP voter saying they regret anything other than the 4 years of hell we had under the NDP.

  3. johnny57 says:

    “Lets get baxter and johnny to give a list of all the hell Notley created for us?”..Hmm while I stir my coffee here, SCS comes to mind! What defense can you offer for your orange superiors on that boondoggle FC? I a wait!

  4. Southern Albertan says:

    Perhaps for some well-said facts yet again, it might be helpful to read today’s excellent blog at:
    “Canada, keep your eye on Alberta — it’s not going to be pretty, but it should be instructive”
    Perhaps, we can expect a flurry of legal action with regard to Bills 30 and 32, i.e. court injunctions and eventually all the way to The Supreme Court of Canada?
    The Kenney UCP, et al, know, that these Bills violate The Charter of Right and Freedoms, and that, eventually, they will lose in legal action. But, they will continue to use tax dollars to fund their legal action, and, in the meantime, they think they can get away with this skullduggery.

  5. johnny57 says:

    Yup FC criminals come in all colors these days! Even orange. Oh and Kenny is proud of me! lol.

    • biff says:

      they do not come any deeper…those that blindly support everything with con in their name.
      excellent letter, and fine follow up from fed up, tris, and so ab.

  6. Fescue says:

    Good metaphor – it reminds me of the book ‘Flatland’.

    Interesting times, as our spendthrift UCP government blows the debt-doors off of the previous government. And in addition throws the province into a social and environmental debt we are unlikely to recover from.

    All this to live out the fading fantasy of Harper’s ‘energy superpower’ vision, as we build pipelines to nowhere and strip mine coal in our headwaters. I wonder if OHV enthusiasts like ripping it up in a coal pit?

    And now we have become a net beneficiary of transfer payments – whither the red meat for the radical libertarian base?

    • biff says:

      pipelines to nowhere lol…like the infamous escalator to nowhere on the simpsons. in fact, the kenney govt is pretty much buying us the white elephant monorail as per the simpsons.
      as for transfer payments, we know we will not accept those…great pioneer spirits like j57 and baxter will lead the revolt against alberta accepting handouts. indeed, what albertan entity would be so wimpy as to accept a handout…ok, except for the mining/oil companies getting handouts and whopping govt gifts seven ways to sunday from kenney, redford, and klein, (and, they do not even have to clean up their toxic mess nor pay their wickedly skimmed down back taxes nor pay landowners that had no real say about extraction on their property) and that proud feedlot owner just outside lethbridge that scored almost a 100 million federal dollars because he fed his abused cattle animal ruminants that gave them mad cow disease and it wasn’t his fault he fed herbivores tainted animal products only because he was greedy, because stuffing cows with another unnatural product – corn – didn’t fat them up and grow them as quickly as animal ruminants. so yeah, no real conservative albertan will accept a handout.
      tell us j57 and baxter

      • Fescue says:

        Great comment, biff! Don’t forget the tax cuts for the rich. Something else I’m sure they will forgo, always having their fingers in their own bootstraps, and all …

  7. biff says:

    j57 – if the shoe fits ya, eh?! only an imbecile would support a govt: whose leader got the leadership of his party via crooked and likely criminal actions, and otherwise due to undemocratic actions; that gives away our money to big corp and wealthy buddy insiders; that reduces taxes for big corp and special friends, costing us wage earner suckers a loss of numerous public benefits; that passes laws that are far more undemocratic and subversive than not; that has no realistic plan for the future so keeps dredging up the past; that has no care for the environment; that wants to unravel public health care…
    if the above applied to an ndp or lib named govt, i have to figure you and baxter and a few others would be railing against said govt – and rightly so. but because the fascists call themselves con, you fall into line like a well conditioned patsy. face it: you vote for a name, not for outcomes.

  8. Tris Pargeter says:

    This will likely disappear soon, but why is it that MY comments always “awaiting moderation?’ Only mine. In looking at the guidelines below, obviously there is something else that flags ME in particular, since my comments are as thoughtful, articulate, and defensible as any others here, and more than many.
    With the plethora of personal attacks, not to mention deep and valid criticisms of the UCP, I have to conclude that even mentioning religion from any other perspective than that of a believer, is possibly the problem. Or is it because I use my own name? Or that I am a woman?
    I would suggest the moderator should add onto their list the intolerance for any debate on religion, whatsoever. Apparently blanket respect is the only option.
    And while I’m here, may I also suggest that the Herald reconsider EVERY single cartoon being anti-Trudeau? Surely you have noticed that tribal conservatism doesn’t need to be stoked any more than it already is? Like religion?
    If your paper is conservative Christian ONLY, you really should clarify that.

  9. Fedup Conservative says:

    Well Tris everything i said has been removed like i thought it would be. Apparently the Herald is supporting the UCP which southern Albertans should be concerned about. They aren’t conservatives they are right-wing extremists and don’t give a damn about who they hurt .

  10. Fedup Conservative says:

    Editor Dave has always been fair to me when it came to posting my letters. I’m betting he has been told otherwise and is forced to support Kenney. We know what a strong conservative Conrad Black is.

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