January 16th, 2021

City’s new recycling plan lacks fairness

By Letter to the Editor on July 30, 2020.

Re: Curbside recycling for large condominiums buildings

Although curbside recycling is beneficial, the study on which it is based, if applied to large condominiums, is badly flawed. User costs are not distributed and accrued appropriately to each user group which is contrary to publicly accepted user-pay concepts and a distortion of equity and fairness.

The proposed curbside recycling program is regressive and based on an outdated view of “one size fits all” and “administrative simplicity.” The program as proposed for larger condominium buildings is a step in the wrong direction in terms of good governance, economics and the environment.

Several Lethbridge condominium corporations currently employ private contractors for waste disposal and recycling services. Lifestyle choices of condominium residents result in population density increases. Through economy of scale, these services can be provided at much lower costs than the City’s proposed monthly fee of $7 per unit, which represents an inferior service and a 475 per cent cost increase for condominium owners. Thus it smacks of nothing more than an attempt to subsidize the cost of services provided to single-family homes at the expense of environmentally conscious condominium dwellers. This is not fair.

There is no need for city council to extend curbside recycling to condominiums with functioning recycling programs. This is poor public policy. Furthermore, condominium living is sound environmentally since it reduces urban sprawl. Almost all municipal services delivered to condominium buildings are more efficient and cost-effective than those delivered to single-family homes. Meet with condominium representatives and work out a fair and workable recycling program.

It is time that council recognizes the benefits of condominium lifestyles and encourages it through public policy.

Henry Bosman


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In all fairness there is no residential curbside recycle fee it is a waste collection fee over $20. a month increased by a $7.00 “enhancement” so the “Engineer” says. It is interesting to read that condos have a a $7.00 month recycle fee approved by City Council but they could not approve a proper Residential Curbside Recycle collection fee they class it as waste collection some $3.8 million is deposited in the Waste collection (Garbage) fund not recycle fund to pay costs of curbside recycle collection, the “Engineer’s direction. It should be noted that City Council has no jurisdiction over the waste bylaw except for vote of approval of rates and the bylaw. They designated authority to the “Engineer” who has the authority to control how you “must” be responsible to pay, care of the cart or bin and what you throw in, the rates all are his direction. The City Council failed they did not ask or did not properly question or were presented with a proper cost or revenue to cover the residential curbside recycle collection or condo collection, the bylaw gives the “Engineer” full authority Council only questions no action. So what happens when you get a organic collection with a $8.35 rate. The Citizens must change this type of dictatorship.