August 14th, 2020

Defunding SCS will lead to major harm

By Letter to the Editor on July 30, 2020.

Dear Honourable Minister and Associate Minister Shandro and Luan:

Albertans for Ethical Drug Policy are disheartened and appalled by the announcement to defund the supervised consumption service (SCS) in Lethbridge. We are a collaborative group comprised of advocates, service providers, and people with lived/living experience (PWLLE). We are strongly urging you to consider the ramifications of this decision. Defunding the busiest SCS in Canada will undoubtedly lead to significant harm and a sharp increase in deaths. The existing services must remain intact, to ensure continuity of care for the average 800 visits/day that occur at the Lethbridge SCS.

We agree there are unanswered questions related to the use of public funds, but to say this decision is not driven by ideology is laughable. If a fire department mishandled its funding, the government would not close down the station. The overdose crisis in Alberta is a raging fire, and we need to maintain and bolster current harm reduction services. Replacing the current SCS in Lethbridge with a mobile site that has a two-person capacity is the equivalent of using a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. When similar situations occur concerning operations and spending, a new management team is inserted or a different organization is tasked with taking over. The approach being taken with Lethbridge is deliberate and will lead to individual and community harms at an alarming rate.

Overdoses have been on the rise across Alberta; despite not having access to current reporting, we hear from service providers and we see the rise in EMS calls for overdose. The dual crisis of a global pandemic and a drug-poisoning epidemic are putting people at compounded risk for overdose death. We know COVID-19 has pushed many at-risk of overdose into isolation and has made the current drug supply more volatile than ever before. Any disruption in existing services across this province is a death sentence to our most vulnerable Albertans.

We are asking you to:

– Maintain funding for Lethbridge SCS operations, to maintain current services provided;

– Develop a transition strategy that assures continuity of care for those accessing SCS in Lethbridge.

These are not complicated requests. We are simply asking that the people who have come to rely on services in Lethbridge do not become collateral damage. We will not comment on an organization’s financial decisions, because our interest is in supporting people who do not have a voice in decision-making process.

The clients of Lethbridge ARCHES have done nothing to deserve being cast out into the street during a dual health crisis.

Ashleigh Alder, RN B

Change the Face of Addiction

Jamie Dos Santo, RN BN

Rachael Edwards, RN BN

Friends of Medicare

Heather Hatch, RN BN

Mandy Karr, MN NP

Amie Kerber, RN BScN

Elizabeth Sentner, RN BN

Moms Stop the Harm

Corey Ranger, RN BN

Ashley Robertson, RN BN

Patty Wilson, MSC NP

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29 Responses to “Defunding SCS will lead to major harm”

  1. Citi Zen says:

    The raging overdose crisis in Lethbridge is due largely to The SCS allowing and encouraging continued use of drugs. This is most certainly not the answer to the problem. And speaking of collateral damage, think about the damage to property and lives of Lethbridge businesses and homeowners and children done by said druggies.
    All of the above signees are clearly a part of the overall problem.
    Harm reduction does not need to include encouraging the continued abuse of drugs.

  2. johnny57 says:

    “We agree there are unanswered questions related to the use of public funds” Is that all you can say relating to this NDP made boondoggle? Spending tax-payer money as if its their own!

    One can only hope that your “Hail-Mary” attempt to save this expensive tax-robbing white-elephant falls on deaf ears! And the people responsible for ripping-off hard working tax-payers brought swiftly to justice!
    The people of our dear little city will be the benefiters in the long run.
    Can we imagine that! Kids getting to play in play-grounds again with-out the fear of poking them selves.

    Our city turned into some resemblance of normalcy again! We can hardly wait.

  3. Fescue says:

    Again, Citi Zen and johnny57 confuse causality.

    That the SCS causes addiction is like saying that doctors cause illness.

    The letter writers are correct in trying to separate the issue of care from the issue of accountability (and alleged malfeasance).

    As a community, we have a duty to care.

  4. Dennis Bremner says:

    The Clients of SCS (a total of 130) are not being cast out onto the street. There will be a Mobile SCS that will be run by AHS. But, this still does not explain to Lethbridge Residents why SCS/ARCHES posted information that there are 1648 addicts in Lethbridge and only 130 of them use the SCS. The reason that its important to mention is because “are the other 1518 being cast onto the street”? No they are not. The other 1518 who seek no Harm Reduction seem to getting along just fine. In fact I would like to see the names of SCS/ARCHES Clients and compare them to the list of people dying within a 1000 meters of the SCS. It would seem to me that your enabling of “clients” is costing some of them their lives! In fact a disproportion of Addicts Lives? So it raises the question of usefulness of your Harm Reduction strategy to a level of “employment for the list of people who signed off on this letter”.
    If Lethbridge actually gave it a minutes thought, you claim hundreds of lives saved with 130 clients, every month. Yet there are 1518 out there not using SCS and were not seeing body bags everywhere in Lethbridge? Why is that? Why does it seem the only people needing their Lives Saved consistently are the ones visiting the SCS?
    I know why, they experiment with larger doses and different concoctions because you have taken death off of the table (they think). My bet is that buddy wanders away from the SCS after experimentation and he/she is dying because he/she was released too early for the concoction injected. So the “irrational NON SCS User seems far safer being supervised by his dealer then any SCS employee!
    None of your math adds up, and none of the employees seem to do anything but assume what they are doing is helping. Look around at those not using the SCS and come up with a rational explanation why they are not dropping dead at 12 times the rate of those you treat? Why after a month of saving “hundreds of lives (within the 130) that there are not body bags everywhere from the 1518?
    SCS/ARCHES has had problems with numbers since day one and they always SEEM to be Amazingly skewed to produce bigger taxpayer subsidies, bigger paychecks and a bigger empire for Bourque and Manning!
    As time progresses we will see the biggest SCS in North America and questionably in the world, suddenly while supervised by Auditors shrink to a much smaller size of its advertised self…Then there will have to be another explanation as to why buddy no longer shows up 6 times a day to create the largest site, and so you could bill the taxpayer for 6 visits from the same person?
    I sure hope the Board of Directors is doing some work to cover their butts because Lethbridge has lots and lots of questions for this group!

  5. Lethrez says:

    Two points:

    1. “Overdoses have been on the rise across Alberta” – if the SCS worked this wouldn’t be the case

    2. The ultimate responsibility of the SCS being defunded rests on the shoulders of those who were running it. Had they actually cared about the clientele and believed that it worked, maybe they would have operated it legally and honestly.

    The Lethbridge SCS is a failed experiment on so many levels and citizens are tired of paying for something that has proven to cause more problems than it solves.

  6. Citi Zen says:

    The above letter is signed by members of non-profit / charitable organizations, all of which had connections with the SCS. The SCS is (was) also a charitable organization). NPOs across the world do a lot of good, but any associated with the SCS might want to be more transparent as to how they may have profited from this fiasco. Not making accusations, just asking for transparency, and some asurance that everything was above board.

  7. ChuckB says:

    To the above comment and letter:

    No, the SCS does not create Addicts….. but it does attract addicts from the surrounding area of Southern Alberta. If you can be assured that your high will be monitored and, if an overdose does happen, reversed, so you can come back and try again.

    As a home owner in Lethbridge, I pay taxes every year. I would hope that these taxes go to creating a safe living environment for my Grandchildren. Not having to avoid a portion of downtown due to addicts loitering around would be a plus. Also wondering if your car will have a broken window when you emerge from a downtown business. Addicts do not pay taxes to our city, but they consume funds that could be allocated elsewhere, especially in the current economic downturn

    Addicts should be given an opportunity to get clean, not continue the cycle of addiction. You don’t give a drunk another beer/whiskey/shot… to drink, you dry him out. The same logic should apply to addicts, before they have an overdose

    The people of Lethbridge deserve to have a safe downtown, not a run from your car to the door of the business, fending off people asking for money. This happens to me almost every day. They ask for money for food, but when I offer to buy them a burger, they are not interested. Only once has a person, a nice young native man, taken me up on this offer. I bought him a full meal.

    I know that I am going to great attacked for my views saying I don’t have a clue what addiction is all about. Well, my biological Father was a drunk who never dried out. My Mom’s side, 13 kids, 9 alcoholics. I have seen addiction close up. I started down that path myself as a young man. Meeting my wife gave me the resolve to quit drinking, quit smoking pot and be the man my step-dad (A native man who I proudly call Dad) would have been proud off. Addicts should be given this opportunity, not another needle for a high.

  8. Dennis Bremner says:

    Well said Chuck B

    Their is also another point that should be addressed with the authors of the letter. Harm Reduction is used against the population like a Weapon. I get numerous reponses from unemployed SCS workers because they were laid off. I also get the “Harm Reduction is more than supervising drugs, its wound healing and checks etc.
    My response is clear, open a mobile clinic. Tend to the wounds but you have shown that supervised drug use does not work in Lethbridge. How you have shown that is to hand out party pacs to be taken back to the drug houses, drug houses that would not exist if SCS worked. You have shown that most if not all deaths happen within a 1000 meters of the SCS which tends to eliminate the drug houses that are NOT within 1000 meters as the source of the overdose death.
    You have shown that greed sets in and overblown values of self worth start to eat away at the donations and the next thing execs are jet setting around the world because were all “do gooders”. Now I quite realize that there are people who are in the SCS that have and had great intentions that are not part of this fiasco. The interesting part of this is the authors of this letter obviously never saw the obvious occuring, unqualified people doing a job etc etc, or they too decided to remain silent so they don’t lose the job? The fiasco has shown that a Mobile SCS/Clinic would solve our problems quite nicely. A mobile SCS/Clinic run by AHS would eliminate the greed and distorted pay checks that occur with EVERY SCS at one time or another in their life.
    The only thing different about this SCS over others is the speed in which greed set in.

  9. biff says:

    i know drug laws are federal jurisdiction. however, what i keep saying is you will not be able to improve anything without the feds changing the current destructive and inhumane laws on drugs.

  10. Dennis Bremner says:

    Well lets see. We can stop theft of Taxpayer money. We can stop Taxpayer money from going missing. We can stop executives from breaking the rules to get that money. We can stop the litany of false numbers generated by OUR SCS. We can stop them from ruining our downtown. We can get AHS to run a mobile unit. We can have the Chief of Police follow the way Europe handles their addicts which is, we will provide you with help but you will not defecate in our streets, you will not urinate on our stores and you will not destroy the society that is providing you the freebees. None have anything to do with the Fed, so I disagree!

  11. gs172 says:

    Let me think about it, 7 million a year to serve a small amount of the total of people suffering drug addiction. Not helping them get off the drugs, just keeping them safe or 10 million for recovery beds to get people clean and live productive lives. I think I’ll pick the latter.

    • Fescue says:

      So, it’s one or the other?

      Last I looked, an effective stool has more than one leg. Replacing one leg with another still equals one leg.

      That being said, treatment facilities are welcome, and has been on request by the City since the beginning.

      • gs172 says:

        Ok I’ll bite. Sure open the SCS again but no where near the version that we have had for the last few years. Total transparency, which the current one had fought every at every step. Adequate fiscal management, 1.6 million doesn’t disappear without someone noticing. I don’t like being stolen from. I also would like some measure of results, not vague statements which cannot be verified. I’m more than willing to help people that need help but the way the SCS was run is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

      • Dennis Bremner says:

        Its really too bad you don’t get it, and after 2 years, still don’t get it Fescue. Mild and I mean Mild success can only be achieved if the other 3 pillars are in place before a city or community considers an SCS. An SCS is not supposed to be the focal point of recovery. If you make it the focal point, few will rehab and literally none will be successful. Do you know why? Because you have created a “Drug Clubhouse” for the Addicts. You have given them a focal point in the community that supports their habit
        Done properly the other 3 pillars are the focal point and the SCS is nothing but a small building with some rooms to shoot up in. If you look at the newest Consumption facilities in Denmark you will see they call them Consumption rooms. You come in the door, and there is plexiglass everywhere and about 12 rooms. The building is about the size of a 53 foot trailer and is disguised as just “another building” in Copehagen. There is a nurse sitting behind one of the plexiglass dividers. She directs the addict to one of the rooms and checks what he/she is going to inject.
        The addict injects and leaves. There is no party room, no get together and hanging out, and Denmark actually expects their citizens to act like model citizens. The couch and chairs dragged to the back of the SCS would have been picked up by a City Council with a Brain long ago! ITS NOT A HANGOUT! They do not tolerate ANY of the things these people do in Lethbridge. If an Addict is a thief and gets caught, then the system ensures he/she knows that its not tolerated and is appropriately dealt with. They are given choice to rehab at every step but they do not make Copenhagen a Drug hangout where you get the destruction of the city that this city has seen.
        Why is that? Because the people running the city learned from doing it Spearman/Phillips way about 40 years ago and found it did not work and destroyed the city, the city businesses and tourism in their city. What we need is Politicians who do not “pretend to have a clue” and destroy what a society has built.
        We need politicians that live in the present, and will actually work for the city, until then Kenney will run ragged over them. Which works for me, and in time you will see it will work for the Addict too.
        What you and all the other blind supporters of this fiasco believe is an Addict does what he/she does and the city bends to the addict. What NORMAL people believe is you treat an addict and the addict in turn blends into the community but this Police Force and this City believes that just because you are an addict, it means you can defecate where you like, urinate where you like sleep where you like and pitch tents where you like. Those rules of mutual destruction have to change and if this Police Chief doesn’t get it, and this Council doesn’t get it, then we have too toss everyone that believes that Addicts get special privilege and that privilege extends to killing businesses, people livelihoods and the core of the City. Until that mindset changes, I say we treat NO ONE!
        This is why a Mobile Site is perfect for Lethbridge because it prevents the idiots that run the current one from turning the Mobile unit into a Party room or area. If Kenney gets a Mobile site here, I would suggest the site also has a police officer at the site and any attempt to hangout with the boys after injection is broken up before it begins. Lethbridge is not in the business of creating party areas so Addicts can get together and party. So you keep moving the site around and the local Police breaks up any groups that feel taking drugs in this city is the first step to a “Party”. Its not. Taking drugs at an SCS is supposedly to ensure they do not kill themselves although I can debate with ease, the one we have they achieved ANY of that!
        Lethbridge SCSs are not to create parties for addicts or a place to organize there next mugging or B&E. As soon as we get a politician that finally gets a clue, we may have a chance. But, right now, the only politician doing that is Provincial not local!

        To give you a brief idea how poor our local politicians are, not one came up with the Mobile unit, even though some communities in BC are deploying it. To show you even the BC Politicians are still a tad clueless, what should be behind a mobile AHS/SCS is another trailer that has Showers bathrooms and a place where an addict can get clean clothes. So the clothing charities couple with the AHS/SCS staff and you have two trailers. They can be the double 53 foot trailers. One is the mobile AHS/SCS the other adds a level of dignity to an Addicts life, in turn you then can demand a level of normality from him or her. This is Lethbridges failure. They demand we treat addicts with dignity and respect but do not demand the addict treats Lethbridge with dignity and respect by providing the addict with that opportunity! So you see, we still have lots of people with NO BRAIN that think they are the next MLA or Mayor, or Premier who at best should never be given the responsibility of even one of the toilets in the trailer!
        Do you want to know how all this should work Fescue because you are as blind as the politicians.
        Little Johnny shows up at the Soup kitchen, out of his mind, he is refused dinner. Little johnny shows up at the Soup kitchen filthy, he is refused dinner. Little Johnny realizes holy Geezus, they won’t let me eat unless I am clean and sane. So the next time Johnny goes to the mobile AHS/SCS, he stops in and has a shower and a shave and a change of clothes. He then is welcomed into the Soup Kitchen. Soup Kitchen staff compliment Johnny on cleaning up, and how spiffy he looks. Suddenly Johnny is feeling a little proud of himself, something he has not felt in a long time. Johnny realizes, gee I can’t go to the kitchen unless I am respectful, clean and courteous and gee when I do, they are nice to me! Step 1 has been achieved and all it required is we demand something from the addict to use OUR services.
        Soon, Johnny looks forward to the mobile unit showing up and realizes that the elder who wants to talk to him may be worth talking too. This is not Rocket Science but the Group of Politicians sure think it is! They have never given it a clear thought until Kenney arrived and will be more than willing to jump on his bandwagon and claim it was there idea, so watch for the fakers! Like him or not, Kenney has a clue, which “in this pool of the clueless” , makes him look like a Messiah!

  12. Fescue says:

    Censored again, eh biff?

    I think Harold got the job of Captain Censor.
    (Harold … Herald … coincidence?)

  13. Citi Zen says:

    The SCS will likely be running normally again soon, when the Cartel starts funneling money into the operating stream of the facility. After all, they have a vested interest in keeping it running. And it’s a great way to launder money.

  14. baxter says:

    It is great news to have the plague on our society known as the SCS shut down, even if only temporarily before the moron who is mayor of our city finds a way to get our money to buy drugs for his precious addicts.

    The users and workers of the SCS are all scum of the earth that do nothing but bring harm to this city and community.

    The fact that the disgusting individuals and groups are willing to attach their name to this moronic letter showing themselves to care more about druggie criminals who will gladly rape and steal any chance they get shows how little care they have for the citizens of Lethbridge,

    Hopefully we can use this time to increase overdoes and get rid of a large portion of the scum that have migrated to our city to get their free drugs so that if some other horrible alternative to the SCS is started up again at least they will have a smaller group of criminals to attract to dole out their drugs to and maybe try to keep this city just a little bit safer from the destructive forces of the druggies they love so much.

  15. ChuckB says:

    Baxter, you need to settle down. As my comment showed, I have little love for addicts, but, I want them rehabilitated, not dead. They need a chance to get clean and become productive members of society.My comment showed close association with alcoholics, some drug addicts. What I cannot stand is those with no desire to get clean. Them, I want to leave for greener pastures, or home where they came from. Those with a desire to change their lives, that is where we need treatment facilities. I don’t appreciate being asked for money. I am retired, money is limited. I support 3 children in developing countries. I don’t appreciate finding needles in playground, our parking lot or parks.I relly hate having to avoid sections of my downtown.

    Not all who work at the SCS are scum. Some have noble, if misguided intentions. Those in charge, and at the top, need to be investigated and, if it shows criminal intent, arrested and incarcerated. Those who only worked to mislead and protect their monetary rewards, those I do not have any respect for.

    I am happy that the members of council who worked to support this SCS will eventually be up for election. From what I have read, meetings where this was brought up sound more like a grade school yelling match than mature discussion between adults. We know who you are and will vote accordingly.

    In the end, i am glad the SCS has lost funding and a mobile site will be set up. I am happy for the treatment centre being announced, in the County, not the city. I look forward to a safer Lethbridge.

    Thank you

    • baxter says:

      I want addicts to get clean as well but those going to the SCS have no desire to get clean, They aren’t working to get better lives for themselves they are looking for an easy drug fix so they can get back to begging and stealing from the surrounding communities, if they can throw in a rape or assault in there before heading back for their next hit all the better for them.

      There are lots of options out there for people who truly want help to beat drug addictions. We should focus on those people and getting them the help they need not working to support individuals with no interest in getting better and making it easier for them to commit crimes in our city.

      The SCS and the scum that work there are only focused on making it easier for criminals to function in our city. Their only interest is making Lethbridge less safe and a worse place to live.

      I am sorry I will not settle down when there are people out there working hard to put my childrens lives in danger. Who would gladly see my kids bikes stolen, my daughters raped, my elderly relatives attacked in their homes so that their drug addicted criminal buddies can keep coming to get drugs from them and give them an outlet where they can handout public money to their pals.

      • Citi Zen says:

        And what do you do with a “cleaned up addict”? Many of the drug abusers are so badly brain-damaged, that even if they go through detox and get “clean”, they are no longer able to work or hold a job, not able to provide for their family, and have a high probability of falling off the wagon. They will be a burden on the taxpayer for the rest of their lives.
        That said, there needs to be permanent supervised housing facilities for these folks, where they can get continued care for the remainder of their life.

        • baxter says:

          It would be awesome if we had a large chunk of land currently not being used for anything worthwhile that is close enough to the city for people to hitchhike in and steal from the citizens there, but not right in the city.

          It would be even better if this large area of land was also where the vast majority of these useless druggies came from as well.

          • gs172 says:

            Wow! And I mean wow! Baxter you have lost what little credibility you had. Now go back and talk to your buddies on your back deck and leave us alone. I’m probably going to be censored but I don’t care.

  16. biff says:

    no worries fascists: kenney will soon set up licensing to allow zealots up to two kills of drug addicts a season…and the season will be construed as a daily.
    once again, for those shuttered to detoxing the effects of generations of govt endorsed brainwashing: the fallout to community is almost fully the result of toxic synthetic drugs and the ridiculously high cost of drugs. each is the result of govts MAKING THEM ILLEGAL. the issues we face with addictions would be far more widespread and severe if still made liquor illegal. do we get it?

  17. biff says:

    citi’s point about brain damage carries some water. to further clarify, in many cases the brunt of brain damage took place well before one began ingesting big pharm synthetic abnormally super addictive “opioids”. as developing fetuses, their carriers will have drunk heavily, irreparably undermining the good function of the brain of baby to come. the resulting consequences related to the fasd condition will have further been compounded by years of abuse/neglect, particularly given that mom will likely also have been a victim of fasd, abuse/neglect.
    while this does not apply to all addicts, it applies to a great number…they may be found in galt gardens, in jails, and in the courts….over and over, unable to make sense of their life because they cannot make consistent cause and effect decisions. these are people that do need ongoing help in coping with life challenges. these people were once under 18, and looked after by the system to varying degrees, but generally, they do well enough in well supported and well structured environment. but come 18: POOF! see ya in court; in jail; on the streets. truly humane, eh.
    for those that can be “saved”, who have not been undermined by fasd, for example, they will have to come that choice to get sober when they are ready. they likely will have trauma/mental/emotional challenges to work through along with their addictions. but that takes work/effort/focus, and those necessaries cannot be forced. then, there are society’s other victims, “innocent” people that have been affected by random violence (and boy, do our courts/society still treat violence as a minor blip), theft, vandalism. most of these offenses can be greatly mitigated by legalising drugs, and even giving addicts quality controlled drugs at real cost, which would be a fraction of the artificially spiked street cost.
    finally, and perhaps most concerning to many in this forum, there remains the blight that are people that live off of govt money for doing nothing other than drinking and drugs and raping and pillaging. so focused are such folk on the affront to their eyes and taxes, that they overlook the REAL raping and pillaging that is administered daily numerous times over by our puppet govts and the handful of greed mongers that pull the strings (and, sadly, the plug on the health of societies the world over and sustainability of our dear planet earth). i suppose it is easier to bully sickly victims than it is to take on the bully beast.

    • baxter says:

      Good point Biff, FASD is a real problem which is why we need to start sterilizing a lot of these people that are constantly popping out kids they can’t care for and who they have already condemned by drinking and doing drugs throughout the pregnancy.

      I would like to preemptively do it and it should be easy enough to know who to target but even if we don’t go as far as we need there is no reason we can’t have a policy of if you have one kid born with FASD you are sterilized. One kid shown to have been effected by drugs in the womb, sterilized. One kid that you have taken away or you put in foster care, sterilized.

      It wouldn’t cure everything but it would be a start. Surprised you were the one to come up with this kind of suggestion. You usually are not helpful at all with this topic.

      • Seth Anthony says:

        Thanks Baxter and Biff for at least trying to address the sources of the problem. Most people scream, “We need an endless supply of treatment centers!!!”, but that’s only a band aid solution, and a poor band aid at that. If you think the type of addict that frequents the SCS is going to go to treatment willingly, then you’re dreaming. Thankfully, the newly announced drug court that mandates treatment may help with that aspect. However, that doesn’t address the source. Not addressing the source, is akin to trying to drain a bathtub with a fork.

        In order to properly address the source and provide actual solutions that work, then you have to examine the source. Examining the source is “Effective Problem Solving 101”. It’s the first step when trying to find a solution to any problem. Now this is where it gets sticky, because in examining the source (as we MUST do), we find that it’s for the most part, one particular race of people, from one particular area, that are constantly victimizing others in Lethbridge. And let’s face it, it’s not the addict in of itself that people are greatly angered about, but rather the addict crime.

        The catch 22 in all of that, is that by rightfully trying to examine the source to provide tailored solutions, will almost always result in ignorant people calling you a “racist”. As such, due to the fear of erroneously and ignorantly being called a racist, no true solutions are presented, and the problem just escalates to no end.

        According to the 2018 Kainai Nation Drug Report, an astonishing and alarming 39% of newborns on the Blood Reserve are born addicted to one or more forms of narcotics. It’s important to note the statistic does not include the percentage that are born with FAS. THIS is the source that needs to be addressed in one way or another, because allowing this to continue is a human atrocity.

        Now that the source is properly understood, how do you address it when said people are very proud, and have openly admitted that they’ll work on the problem in their own way and according to their customs? It seems to me that given the numbers and the realty, whatever methods they’ve been using to solve the problem are woefully inadequate, and that’s an understatement. Furthermore, even if they did have some success with their tailored treatment centers, it still doesn’t address the source. That source, is a lack of parenting, or very poor parenting. I’ll elaborate on that if requested.

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