January 18th, 2021

Annoying our doctors, nurses dumb move by the province

By Letter to the Editor on August 6, 2020.

We have a history of training nurses who then go work in B.C. or the U.S. in places where they don’t educate their own. Meanwhile, our political leaders lay off highly skilled nurses and later, realizing we are short, try to hire them back.

A few years ago there was an attempt to get some to return from Texas only to find they had families where they now lived. Our current government has been annoying doctors and nurses so some are considering leaving the province.

With the virus hitting hard, Florida plans to hire thousands of new nurses and you bet they will be recruiting up here. Perhaps when Premier Kenney gets sick he will realize what a dumb move he made.

Larry MacKillop


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Southern Albertan

Yes, second Kenney UCP cutback verse, same as the AB Conservative Klein cutback verse. There’ s nothing like stubbing one’s toe on the same rock more than once. Some of us are expecting the ongoing, and future actions on what surrounds health care and frontline health care professionals by the Kenney UCP, to be getting very messy. We may have seen nothing yet.

Fedup Conservative

You boy have nailed it. I helped five doctors relocate to Texas when Klein was destroying the system and not one of them wanted to go. They formed a clinic down there and were interviewed by the CBC a few years later. They pointed out that they didn’t like the American system with all the lawsuits and fighting with the private insurance companies their patients had to face, but it was a lot better that working for Ralph Klein.

There is no question Kenney is planning the same thing. He’s another Liberal, turned Reformer just like his hero Ralph Klein and as former MLAs from the Lougheed government taught me that’s what Reformers do. They can’t be trusted.

Lougheed’s energy minister , Bill Dickie, was a brother in-law of my one of my uncles. .

Fedup Conservative

Sadly many of our fellow seniors think somehow Kenney is going to help them when he is only interested in forcing them into a worse financially mess. Many in my circle of senior friends think these seniors are going to wish they had never heard of the guy.

Some will likely lose their lives, like we saw under Klein. There is nothing smart about attacking the most important people in our lives and driving them out of our health care system.

Tris Pargeter

That list of dumb things is growing at an alarming rate….

Dennis Bremner

Today must be NDP supporter day, they are all here, 🙂


Of course. spend, spend, spend.