January 18th, 2021

Province’s attack on doctors is both laughable and dangerous

By Letter to the Editor on August 8, 2020.

Jason Kenney’s cynical attempt to portray Alberta’s physicians as a small group of elites who are taking a disproportionate amount of funding to provide medical care for Albertans is so flawed as to be laughable if it were not so dangerous to the well-being of every citizen who relies on our public health-care system.

The physicians who voted no confidence in Tyler Shandro’s handling of the health portfolio represent tens of thousands of Albertans who are their patients and agree with the doctors.

Quit trying to divide and conquer, Mr. Kenney. This senior citizen has far more trust in the medical profession than I have in Tyler Shandro.

Maureen Ebel


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Dennis Bremner

I of course have similar feelings but daily wonder why the Physicians of Alberta do not call him on his claim. It would seem to me, its a matter of proving Kenney wrong by showing Albertan’s that we do get better care, for money spent in comparison to any other province. But, they do not produce the data to support their indignation, which makes one wonder, why?

Fedup Conservative

Well said Maureen . The seniors in my world aren’t interested in seeing their lives being put at risk , like we saw under Klein, while these Reformers supported by guys like Dennis aren’t smart enough to understand it. What part of the fact that they are deliberately trying to destroy the public health care system, so they can force Albertans into a private for profit American style one and help their rich insurance company friends don’t you understand? The fact is Shandro’s wife just happens to own such a company.
I’m not interested in paying $600. to $800. per month, like my American relatives are doing, for my health care while they give away our oil wealth and increase tax breaks for their rich friends, so why are you?

One of my American cousins has been saying for years “For Gods sake don’t let anyone destroy your Public Health Care system, trust me you don’t want ours”.


Since Alberta doctors are the best paid in Canada, the provincial government is simply asking them to accept the current financial condition for what it is. Other Albertans are paying a much higher price , in terms of lost income and unemployment. Is that too much to ask ? I think not.

Kal Itea

There is more to the story than you present. Dig a little deeper and you will understand why doctors are steamed.
Read this for starters: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/08/06/health-insurance-canada-lie/?arc404=true