January 18th, 2021

Still assisting seniors during the pandemic

By Letter to the Editor on August 12, 2020.

In response to the snide and uninformed Roast from July 27 re: LSCO and Nord-Bridge (correct spelling), I offer the following: Although LSCO closed its doors to the public on March 13, in order to help stop person-to-person spread of COVID-19, we continued to provide necessary services to our members and the community.

Our almost full complement of staff were very busy: Our chefs continued to provide Meals on Wheels for over 130 customers – who were supported by our MoW support worker and volunteers; our program/fitness department provided email workouts and online classes (some recorded and some live!); our front desk staff, assisted by other staff , completed over 1,500 wellness checks on our members and were reassuring voices when people called us; the LSCO social worker and her new seniors system navigators provided face-to-face and telephone support to seniors requiring their help.

These three have also partnered with support workers at Nord-Bridge and Lethbridge Housing Authority to provide a broader reach into the community; LEARN case manager continues to provide crisis support and links to services for those experiencing elder abuse; the LSCO volunteer co-ordinator completed wellness checks with our volunteers and worked with our social worker to get our volunteer income tax program (by telephone) operational; Adult Day Program co-ordinator completed wellness checks with members and Adult Day Program participants.

Our finance tech is our very own jack of all trades – in addition to her regular duties, she helped in the kitchen and with MoW; this writer was involved with many virtual meetings related to service delivery and sharing of information – local services co-ordination effort of over 100 people from approximately 50 helping organizations, Alberta Age Friendly Communities of Practice, Alberta Seniors and Housing stakeholders, Minister of Seniors and Housing Advisory Committee, Alberta Association of Seniors Centres, Pan-Canadian Age Friendly Communities Reference Group, Canadian Urban Institute webinar panelist, and CORE Alberta webinar panelist and discussion group facilitator.

LSCO’s operations manager produced a reopening plan that is so thorough it has been shared provincially and nationally, and her work on making our facility safe for everyone is exemplary, to say the least. Additionally, this writer and the Nord-Bridge executive director have been in regular contact throughout the shutdown. Perhaps the Roaster could have used their time better and actually called LSCO or Nord-Bridge to find out what was going on.

PS. None of the above was related to this writer serving on city council.

Rob Miyashiro

Executive Director, LSCO

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Re: Your PS- Good thing because you should be totally ashamed of your behavior while on council. In particular your treatment of other Councillors in regards to the supervised consumption site. Please resign from council and find other things to do that wont allow you to behave like such a jackass.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

See reply below


I couldn’t have said it better Ragnar. My wife and I were in shock watching Rob bully Blaine Hyggen, when he brought out the original motion to ask the UCP to stop funding the SCS. Shameful. Perhaps in your spare time Rob, you can correct any spelling or grammar mistakes I made in this comment.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

It’s interesting how you Maur-onistas and Hyggenites are so quick to jump to your heroes’ defence any time they are criticized. You fail to understand that neither of them ever supports initiatives that help people.

Ragnar: You’re saying that it’s ok for Maur-on (his words, not mine) to pick a fight with Spearman and Miyashiro in Council, but they’re not allowed to defend themselves? Council’s role in ARCHES over the past two years was for needle pickup and dealing with encampments…nothing to do with SCS (an AHS responsibility).

DougCameron: You have recently admitted to not voting for Maur-on (his words, not mine) for Mayor because he doesn’t have any progressive ideas, bunt you’re ok with him on Council because of what again?

And you two, who have probably not ever positively contributed to our community, are ok with name-calling Miyashiro, whose Council profile shows decades of helping people. Could he be more tactful and diplomatic in Council? Absolutely he should! But to criticize his behaviour as compared to the nonsense spewing from the others is laughable.


I never said anything about defending anyone. What I am saying is Rob was acting like a bully and it is not a good representation of a civilized exchange between council members. If you watch the incident that I am talking about, Rob leans over towards Blaine, yells out, “Do you want them to die!” When Blaine “softly” replied, “Of course not”, Rob again screamed “Well do you!. He then puffed out his chest, folded his arms and leaned back on his chair. Watch the actual exchange before you start babbling how I am a big supporter and a bunch of B.S. that you are just making up to prop up your own agenda. As this is not my first rodeo replying to people such as yourself, I will not get into a back and forth with you so peace out.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

DougCameron:Thanks for reminding me to re-watch the video. Miyashiro asks the question to Maur-on (his words, not mine) and Parker and when Hyggen tries to answer for them, Miyashiro said, “I wasn’t asking you” and repeats the question for the other two. I guess you just mis-remembered. I also guess that you favor appearance over substance as you are so eloquently arguing. Maybe you just don’t like a passionate Japanese man picking on poor, defenceless white guys (as you mention Miyashiro being a bully several times). You know, the three that have been on the wrong side of every resolution that aims to help people.


Not an Old Blah, Blah Blah: First you are taking a different part of the exchange. I know what I heard and saw so quit trying to spin it. Second, HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING A RACIST! How dare you! Nothing could be further from the truth. Third: Any one who uses a handle like Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds may have some problems of their own. Notice I use my real name while you hide in the shadows like a coward. Perhaps you are practicing your own form of stereotyping by suggesting that seniors are all a bunch of morons screaming into the clouds with nothing of value to say. You also might be stereotyping seniors as all having poor memories. Perhaps NAOMYATC, you should take a long look into the mirror before you start typing your garbage.


Good reply Doug. When all else fails and you have no argument, suggest the flavour of the day, racism, etc., etc. Something as harmless as a roast, and the Council members response as above, surely have exposed the general attitude and demeanour of the member. How dare you question me! Maybe the director of the LSCO and the sitting member on City Council could address the camps in the former Civic field directly behind his place of work. He must address these as God forbid, he will get “roasted” again. Miyashiro is quick to be offended and usually attacks you with the famous line “it’s all about you”. Putting forth any suggestion or idea that is outside his agenda and ideology is met with the comments he made in council with respect to the SCS. It’s his MO and he is always right, just ask him. The opening line of his letter just shows arrogance, disrespect and contempt he has for those who think differently or have a different opinion. He needs to be unelected Oct 21.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Hmmm…guy writing about the work his organization is doing while many other agencies are shut down and you criticize that guy for things not related to his letter. Your anti-Council ranting and raving is one reason I have chosen to respond to all of you know-it-alls

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Couldn’t help yourself…so much for peace out. I caught your heroes in action the other day: Hyggen couldn’t help himself either as he screamed at Spearman, and crickets in commentary from you ; Parker listening to the soccer and hockey parents he hangs out with and doesn’t realize how siding with Maur-on and Hyggen are dragging him down


Buckwheat: Thanks. Sometimes I don’t know why I even give some people the satisfaction of allowing them a platform. They just like to make noise and probably don’t even believe in the stuff they post themselves.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Because you can’t help yourself