January 20th, 2021

Attack on PM over WE controversy is appalling

By Letter to the Editor on August 14, 2020.

Watching the finance committee hearing today revealed disgusting and appalling conduct by the opposition MPs who were questioning Prime Minister Trudeau. They had already made up their minds not to believe him. So, what was the point of having Trudeau appear at the committee?

The opposition MPs were not interested in the truth of the matter; they were not there to ask questions. Their sole purpose was to hassle, put the PM down and insult him. They all asked the same questions again and again without paying any attention to his answers. In one instance, an opposition MP kept asking “how much, how much, how much” without letting Trudeau reply.

I do not understand why the chairman allowed the fiasco to continue for five minutes. In a court of law, the judge would have thrown the MP out of the court.

Trudeau said he did not know. I believe him. He has been 100 per cent involved in handling the biggest crisis Canadians have had to face after the Second World War. He is trying to save us Canadians from economic disaster and starvation in their lives. Consider his state of mind that is pulled in multi directions, dealing with multi scenarios on a daily basis; if he did not pay attention to how much his wife was making, it is not a surprise.

He has successfully handled the biggest challenge of his life. He has testified that he did not decide to give money to the WE charity but the decision was made by the public service agency. He had at no time been in touch with the WE organizers who have also testified to that fact. At the outset, PM Trudeau admitted that, in hindsight, he should have recused himself from the We situation. He has said he is sorry, repeatedly. The opposition is still accusing him for “not saying that.” Are these opposition MPs deaf or mentally deficient?

Trudeau has done an excellent job of dealing with a catastrophic time in Canadians’ lives. We should be thankful to have a committed and compassionate human for our prime minister. Now if the opposition stops their relentless crusade against him and allows him to put all his energy into the challenging task at hand, we will all benefit. I request Canadians to use their own minds to determine the “WE” situation and not let the poisonous attitude of the opposition influence your opinions.

Ramma Sawhney


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Dennis Bremner

Ramma said : “Trudeau said he did not know. I believe him. ”

Well then that should be the end of it then! Forget about the rest of us who feel given a chance he would grease his entire family friends and associates and then of course do a little cry and say he was sorry and do it all over again!


Ramma seems willfully and purposely blind to the magnitude of the continuous corruption and odious, furtive behaviour by Trudeau even when there is abundant examples of such behavior. A few quick examples of which, groping a reporter, using blackface more times than he can remember, Aga Khan vacation ethics scandal 1, SNC Lavalin ethics scandal 2, WE ethics scandal 3, giving a $133 million sole-source 10 year contract to a Quebec company to make PPE with no factory in Canada. To this date, no product has been delivered by that company. How about paying $84 million to a firm that employs Liberal chief of staff, Katie Telford’s husband who is also a former lobbyist, to manage a rent assistance aid program? Or, how about having his mother and brother placed on the payroll and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from the WE charity? How about attempting to thwart the parliamentary process to acquire unfettered access and ability to freely spend any amount of finances without any checks and balances? Thank goodness this was stopped by the opposition parties before it was another abused liberal privilege. Further, Ramma has the contempt and arrogant gall to label opposition MPs that question Trudeau’s activities, “mentally deficient”.
Sadly, one of the problems we seem to have today is an inept, corrupt government of which its leader refuses to answer any and all questions regarding his sketchy behavior, ostentatious spending and shady back room deals, and a leader who misses copious amounts of time in parliament using the excuse of Covid and or family vacation time. Trudeau has acted as a narcissistic leader who has zero idea or concept of just how difficult taxpayers are struggling to survive. Ramma seems to be supportive of a government that behaves unethically and corrupt. The opposition questioning the continuous patterns of unethical government behavior is hardly, “mentally deficient” but the responsible thing to do.

Dennis Bremner

Dakota you obviously have FORGOTTEN! “He did say he was sorry 🙂


DB. Trudeau has apologized more times than I can remember but it is obvious that none of his apologies have been sincere nor has he even learned from them. He continues to run rogue, arrogant and without much bother of any fiscal concerns of just how stratospheric our debt burden has become or continues to sky rocket out of control.


“He continues to run rogue, arrogant and without much bother of any fiscal concerns of just how stratospheric our debt burden has become or continues to sky rocket out of control?”
Uh, did you not notice the slightly extenuating circumstances of a pandemic? Or are you one of those on the political right who even denies that?


It was a sarcastic remark. DB was agreeing with you.

Fedup Conservative

As much as I don’t like Trudeau and want to see him gone I haven’t forgotten what Reformer Stephen Harper did to us. After spending years working on Alberta MP campaigns, Harper with his lies about the Income Trusts, cost my sister $20,000. So while she wasted her time supporting the conservatives and was never paid a dime, they cheated her out of $20,000. Canadians lost $35 billion and many were seniors who couldn’t afford it.
She is like me she doesn’t like these phony conservatives, Reformers, who are destroying us. There is nothing conservative about them.
My conservative friends and I don’t want to see another Reformer looking after their rich friends.We can’t afford it.

Dennis Bremner

Dakota be nice to Fedup, do you realize thats the first post he has made on the Herald that did not curse out dead people? He is making strides even though small 🙂


FC. An attempt at deflection. Harper has been gone a long time now and this is about Trudeau and his corruption. Most investments and or trusts are a risk and gamble, sometimes you come out ahead and sometimes you dont. It depends on what government policies are in place or change.
This seems to explain your profile name and the obvious anger you have and show in your comments against the conservatives. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty placed a distribution tax on income trusts to level the playing field between them and traditional corporations that cannot escape tax. The move obviously angered voters and those who had invested in income trusts, but the Conservatives did the right thing and put sound public policy ahead of partisan gain. Sometimes you gain and sometimes you lose as nothing is ever a sure bet. Hopefully some day you will find peace and be able to let go of your anger.


You condescend. Anger is a valid emotion.

Southern Albertan

Still, as we speak, the Liberals would still win a federal election now. Folks in Ontario and Quebec, where most of the votes are, still see the Liberals as being more progressive than the Conservatives. It’s not helping that the Conservative leadership hopefuls are all ho-hum and none of them can speak French well, at all. Imagine any of them trying debating Trudeau, in French…..embarrassing.
For me, though, the Liberals have always been good at social democrat talk but once in power, are really, just as socially conservative as the Conservatives. They have done this, for years, and has been aptly described in the political story, ‘Mouseland.’
As for the Harper Conservatives….did anyone not believe that those at their top did not know every detail, for example, of the Robocall Scandal and the Senate Scandal? This toxic back and forth between the Conservatives and the Liberals should get a shaking up. Time to vote for different politics like Quebecers did with the Bloc.