January 17th, 2021

Critics should remember the world runs on fossil fuel

By Letter to the Editor on August 14, 2020.

I would like to comment on Mr. Moffatt’s letter (July 31 Herald). He beats down police. Well, I would like you to put on a uniform for one night shift and go deal with all these drug-addled individuals who they have to deal with 24/7. Trust me, you wouldn’t last a shift.

As for your talk about fossil fuel, let me guess: you walk everywhere you go and you grow all your own veggies and raise your own animals. You don’t eat bread and obviously you do read the paper. Where does the power come to run your computer, car, TV, lights, etc.

I’m tired of enviromentalists living in this dream bubble and think their toilet paper comes from clouds and your tap water is from heaven. Our world as it is now is run by fossil fuel. Your computer, smartphone, clothes and all of your entertainment is powered by it or made from it.

Next time you go to the grocery store, go in the back and you will see how your apple got in your hand. And as for your praise of Shannon, her and Rachel’s four-year spending spree sure didn’t come from windmills. If you would just face the truth and not what people who make living preaching how they live without fossil fuel, well, how the hell did they get their message to you? The cloud is still run by oil. Try to fathom how much power is burned every day to just cool the Google computers. It’s mind blowing.

I’m done. Wake up and smell the oil that delivered your coffee.

Eric Mikus


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Dennis Bremner

Well said but its wasted, X and Y gen live in La La land and if they need an opinion they get one from Facebook.


Good one, Eric. Your profound observations that environmentalists live in a modern industrial society will go a long way in preserving a livable climate for your children. It’s time to raise your knee from the neck of the natural world, my friend.

Seth Anthony

Fescue, obviously the author is addressing the vast amounts of clueless environmentalists that condemn “anything” fossil fuel based. You know the type I’m talking about. One example of such would be the deer in headlights look when you ask an electric car owner what energy source is charging their vehicle.


That may be, Seth. There are all sorts of people who do all sorts of things without understanding. But they are not environmentalists. By definition, an environmentalist is someone who has made the connections between their lifestyle, their consumption, and their impact on the natural world.

The only unrealistic naïfs here are those who think we can continue to live high consumption lifestyles into the future. These people are condemning future generations, their children and grandchildren, to vastly diminished lives because of their lack of understanding of their embeddedness in earth systems.

Citi Zen

Well spoken, Eric. Couldn’t have said it better myself! But how do we get the message across to the likes of Moffatt?

Southern Albertan

Perhaps this, might be an interesting and pertinent read:
“2020 Oil and Gas Industry Outlook: A midyear update. Exploring oil and gas industry trends and the impact of COVID-19”
We also, need to keep in, mind, that while the oil and gas industry is not going away overnight, even many ‘Big Oil’ corporations, and countries, are investing in the burgeoning $trillion dollar renewable tech revolution because, money always talks, and they know, how to follow a money trail as energy transitions.
Again Canada has, massive, renewable resource capabilities. Will Canada retain control over these resources? Already, for example, one of the biggest solar developments in the world is being developed in southern Alberta with huge investment from a company/or companies, from Denmark. Our investment advisor has told us that they are following investments in renewable tech very, closely, as they should, because, again, money always, talks.


What we should remember is that non stop burning of fossil fuel for last 300 years has now almost destroyed out planet (climate change; water pollution; habitat destruction etc). Remember also that fossil fuel is a finite resource that may be vital for our future. Meanwhile we squander this resource wasting it heating our dwellings; powering our vehicles when we have technology to do so with renewables. There has never been a better time to diversify our economy with renewable energy. Apologists like Mr. Mikus fail to see the larger picture and would have us continue on our destructive path.