January 23rd, 2021

Citizens should have a say in money for Exhibition expansion

By Letter to the Editor on August 19, 2020.

I believe that any money spent, lent, borrowed, or gifted to the Exhibition Board should be voted on by the citizens of Lethbridge.

Once again, most of the council is quite happy to spend, spend and spend more and keep raising taxes. If the proposed expansion of the Exhibition is that lucrative, there should be no trouble raising private funds without the need of City tax dollars.

Any council member that is in favor of continued spending and tax increases should campaign on this in the next election (which is not coming soon enough) and thus the people can vote for fiscal accountability or another fiscal fiasco.

To paraphrase an old saying “The mayor and council need to be changed regularly just like diapers and for the same reason.”

Reed Spencer


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Citi Zen

Yet another example of the control being garnered by City Hall bureaucrats. When will this ever stop??