January 15th, 2021

An opportunity to practise what is preached

By Letter to the Editor on August 27, 2020.

Since the SCS in Lethbridge will no longer be funded by the provincial government, I have been racking my brain as to what we might do as a city to support the homeless drug addicts.

As I see it, we are in two camps. There are those like myself that want those addicted to illegal drugs to get help through rehabilitation, become clean and sober or, if unable, be removed from our city streets. The other camp wants to support and enable the drug addicts so they can continue to use whatever drugs they wish to partake in, until they are “ready” to get help.

I remember when I took part in the protest in front of city hall that there also were two camps. The supporters of the SCS had quite a turnout so here is my solution. Those who feel that the drug addicts are doing no harm, are just misunderstood, feel that none of their problems are their fault and they should be able to indulge in any illegal substance they wish, can sign up to support a drug addict. They could provide their special sponsored drug addict a home, meals, needles, support and naloxone when needed. I’m sure that the good people of Lethbridge would be willing to let some of our tax dollars be used to help them with this “feel good” project.

Now, some of you may use an excuse like, “My place is too small.” Nope, that won’t cut it. Remember, even a small place is better than living on the street. “I have a job and young kids,” someone may say. No excuse there. This is actually a win-win. You can go to work and let your “special friend” babysit your young ones at no cost! After all, these drug addicts are totally harmless.

I would also like to see a couple of people on the city council step up to the plate and lead by example. I would like to suggest that Mayor Chris Spearman and Coun. Rob Miyashiro both move a drug addict into their homes, as they both have been super supporters of the SCS and feel that enabling drug addicts actually saves lives.

Now all the supporters of the SCS can practise what they preach and show all us other disgusting human beings how wrong we have been not wanting drug addicts running freely through our city.

Doug Cameron


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Quite agree Mr. Cameron. I am positive there are at least 1800 (SCS numbers) kind souls in Lethbridge who would open their arms and homes to those unfortunate to be addicted. Show us your humanity instead of trying to shove it down everyone else’s throat. Rehab is voluntary and until that is remedied addicts and the homeless need places to be. Now you have your opportunity. Step up!!!


Very well put.


The despicables are at it again. Making a joke about the homeless, the vulnerable, the addicted is beyond the pale. These are social issues requiring social efforts.


Step up to the plate nd solve the problem sociable by inviting on of these poor creatures into your home. After all charity begins at home and lead by example. Also encourage your associates to get involved, or are you “Tats a great idea, let someone else take the ball”


Do you have a better solution ? We are all ears ! This no joke , the letter writer is asking those who support the drug addicts to actually do something about it, instead of criticising those who favor a different approach. Waiting for a positive solution !!


Sorry plushie, this response was actually aimed at fescue


It’s not a joke about the homeless, addicted, or vulnerable. Deflection and name calling has proven time and again to be a cop out, and verification, that those employing the school-yard tactic have no viable argument so attempt to discredit the other side to shut down the debate.
DC is suggesting a solution that presses those who have supported the SCS in our city to take action based on the position they have strongly and vocally taken on this issue. It would only be considered a joke by the SCS supporters if everything they have about it has just been social justice lip service, and they don’t actually believe what they have been promoting to be true.
As a member of society, that makes you, Fescue, and every other person who supports/ed the SCS eligible to make a change by putting your words into action and be part of those “social efforts”.
Doug Cameron’s suggestion is one many of us have thought of. Glad he has proposed it.


Of course it is a joke: how is it that the members of Council who advocated for the wellbeing of addicts by financially assisting in the provision of safe consumption services with professional staff are responsible of the aftermath of shutting these services off?

Surely the people, like yourselves and our three thought-free councillors had a plan for the care of these vulnerable people? It would seem to me that if anyone should be lining up to take these people into their homes it would be the same people who argued that the SCS was not necessary in our community.


Darwin, Survival of the fittest or some one takes responsibility for their life long errors.


Actually, that was Spencer. And it lead to eugenics and a nasty sort of white supremacy that we continue to deal with.

But I get your point, and at least you say what you mean: you dont care if addicts die.


I am of the opinion that family is the best thing to have around when you are trying to clean up your life. I encourage all addicts to go to their family and ask for a place and help. If they live in another town, then, have them come and get you.Those that don’t have families, well, our Mayor would love to have you. After all, he said we would have to get used to it. Lead by example Mr. Mayor. I am certain you have room for 5 or 6 in your home. All supporters of the SCS, time to step up, open your homes and love on an addict. What is the worse that can happen? They are just poor misunderstood souls after all.


I would have thought that someone as sensitive as you, ChuckB, would have seen through the transparent bullying in this letter and would have refrained from participating.


I id not notice any bullying here. Just simple requests. As for the defunding. if your not aware, some one in a NON PROFIT was making some serious coin and absconded with even more. There should be serious jail time for betrayal of public trust.


I happen to feel all people deserve a chance. I also have a Granddaughter who found a needle. That was one of the biggest scares of my live, and I once cut almost 1/2 was through my leg with a chainsaw. I am sorry, but my family takes precedence. I am a big believer in family support, something I learned from my wife’s family. They supported us when down, and through the hardest time of our lives, when our youngest was killed in a car accident. I am willing to believe for every addict, there is someone who loves them and is worried about them. This is where that will receive the support and encouragement they need to make a positive turn in their lives.If no family, there must be someone who would help them.


I agree, and hope it would be the case that addicts have the support of their families.
And, going with your flow, wouldn’t it have been a good suggestion (and a good use of resources) to support families through the demands of caring for someone suffering with addiction?
Our Councillors, Vladimir and Estragon, who stand around waiting for a solution to this crisis could learn from this – specifically, that tapping into the inchoate rage of portions of the electorate is unhelpful, and that if they are to oppose a solution, they should suggest a superior one. But this is water under the bridge. They have moved on to oppose other interventions to keep people safe.


It’s interesting that even though there is nothing in my letter that mentioned anything about race how Fescue brings up white supremacy. The other thing I’ve noticed is that many people seem to quickly forget that it was the actions of a certain person(s) that were running the SCS, that caused the shut it down, as phlushie pointed out. Anyhoo, as a young lad working from first light to dusk in the fields, I learned some things. One of those lessons is you can’t have an intelligent conversation with a turnip.


Sorry if I got turnip dust on your highly polished jack boots.


Fescue: Is this all you have in your troll bag? Calling people racist and Nazis? How sad for you. Please consider getting professional help. Cheers.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Gee, I leave for a week and you can’t help yourself…continuing to spread your sanctimonious drivel! And I see you couldn’t help but take my bait on another letter…even after you made it clear that you would no longer engage me in discussion. I’m right, you’re just here to pick fights and not have a rational discussion. Interesting that I’m not the only one referring to your comments as racist.