January 22nd, 2021

We all need to be responsible in fighting COVID

By Letter to the Editor on September 4, 2020.

Some wise man stated aptly “Wisdom has its limitations but folly has no such handicap.”

Here we are in the midst of a crisis that is 100 per cent in our control and yet we are waiting for a second or even third wave of infections. I am disappointed in all those people who believe that wearing a mask is violation of their rights. Right to what? Right to catch coronavirus and suffer or die and pass it on to your loved ones? Is that a right or stupidity?

Nations like Singapore, Australia and New Zealand acted promptly at the outset with cancellation of flights, mandatory quarantine of incoming travellers, masks, lockdowns and distancing. The number of cases in those countries were minuscule compared to the superpower, the USA.

In Canada the curve had flattened in most provinces by June but there was unexpected resurgence of infections that was undoubtedly the doing of our spoiled youth and young adults. Young people wake up! This is serious, so take some responsibility.

Not having parties or congregating in bars or beaches is not a calamity. Are you so overindulgent and narcissistic that while the whole world is reeling from the devastation caused by the coronavirus, millions of poor people in poor countries have lost jobs, been evicted from their houses, the governments are too poor to provide any financial support that could provide some food, leading to slow starvation, adequate medical care is nonexistent and you are disconcerted that you cannot party?

It is not just the young people who are being irresponsible. I notice in grocery stores that many people do not wear masks and do not bother with distancing. We wear masks to protect others. Is it too much to ask from so-called civilized humans? Civilization is underpinned by qualities like empathy for others, willingness to work toward a common goal, and know the difference between right and wrong.

Let us beat it, folks. It is a shame not to assert the power that we have, collectively, over this tiny invisible virus. Too much is at stake. If we do the right thing life can return to normal earlier.

In Canada we are lucky to have a compassionate and caring human as our prime minister, who has been working hard to ensure that Canadians are looked after. Let us count our blessings.

Ramma Sawhney


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John P Nightingale

Well stated.
That three members of council chose not to support the mandatory mask wearing is to put it mildly, uninformed.
The result of this “draconian” by-law? 100% compliance compared with a couple of weeks ago, when I estimate around 60% wore masks.
Perhaps now, the three dissenters will re-examine their reasoning and question their judgement in the matter.
Low numbers in Lethbridge should never have been an excuse to avoid wearing masks. It is a “new normal” out there , at least for the foreseeable future.


comment image “CDC admitted they screwed up COVID19 infection
counts and intentionally misled the public and have apologized, clarifying that the amount of people truly infected is much lower than what was originally reported — an error so egregious it made the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute say “how could the CDC make this mistake? This is a mess.”
comment image The American Coronavirus Task Force also admitted to fudging the National COVID19 death count when Dr. Birx said the deaths are people who died “with” COVID19 not “from” COVID19, thus making the real death count much lower than what is currently being reported.
comment image Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted masks won’t help against the virus and mask manufacturers are now including warnings that their products do not deter COVID19.
comment image Fauci also said that continuing to close the country could cause irreparable damage.
comment image CDC backtracked their initial claim that led governors to shutdown their states & clarified that COVID19 does not spread easily on surfaces.
comment image Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo confirmed a recent health study showing that 70% of new infections actually originate at home, thus making stay at home orders one of the most dangerous mandates currently in place.
comment image Trump stopped funding the WHO and threatened to cut off money permanently until they can prove they are no longer corruptly influenced by communist China after they lied to our country about human to human transmission of COVID19 in January.
comment image The curve is flattened, the CDC, WHO, Dr. Fauci, our governors, and many more were completely wrong about the potential threat of this virus.
comment image If you are still living in fear, Don’t be. The media, global organizations, the government, and its agencies “mislead” the public.
comment image People called those of us who knew this all along conspiracy theorists, but it turns out we were just following the facts!
comment image Open up your businesses, churches, and homes. Don’t fall for the lies any longer. If you fell for the lies this time, wake up and join the army of truth seekers fighting on the front lines.
comment image Florida has just admitted to miscalculations on some that received positive COVID-19 results but never got tested and many others have been incorrectly identified as positive in the state’s system.
comment image WHO have just admitted that transmission of the virus from an asymptomatic carriers – the whole reason for the lockdown, is rare!! ie you could not spread it before showing any symptoms!!
comment image The CDC just confirmed a .4 to .26% death-rate for Covid 19. The death rate for the flu shot is .6. Twice as high as Covid!
For that, we have:
• Added nearly 6 trillion to national debt
• Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers
• Placed 60 million on food stamps
• Gone from 3.5%to 14.7% unemployment
• Crippled the petroleum industry
• Ruined the tourism industry
• Bankrupted the service industry
• Caused an impending meat and protein crisis
• Threatened, fined, and arrested church leaders
• Exacerbated mental health problems
• Shut down schools and colleges
• Given unbridled power to unelected officials
• Increased suicides higher than COVID deaths
• Delayed surgeries and treatments for profound illnesses
• Infringed upon countless important civil liberties
• Placed 300 million Americans on house arrest
Bill Gates has placed himself in such a position of influence by heavily funding all corners to make this lie happen.
We need to start treating it as the lie it is.
Seriously our whole way of life is at stake, and they have plans to make it much worse now introducing it as “the grand reset”, “the beginning of the 4th revolution” (ie a surveillance state of control, where everyone lives in what is essentially a strick open air prison where you are tracked, nothing is private, and everything is decided for you, and you have no rights whatsoever, and there can be no resistance.
Welcome to their “new world order”.


A couple of parts of the common myths include that people “died with” COVID-19 but they did not die from it. This is a serious misunderstanding of how deaths are reported. Essentially no one dies of the novel coronavirus, if a death certificate were to list that it would be an error. Instead people die of respiratory failure, heart failure, etc with the underlying cause being COVID-19. Similarly someone with a fatal cancer does not die of the cancer, they die of respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, etc. with the fatal form of cancer listed as an underlying cause.
A second part is the myth that surgical or cloth masks do not work against the novel coronavirus, because the virus is smaller in diameter than the pores in the mask mesh (duh!). We know this is a myth because the virus is infectious from nose or mouth because it is carried on aerosols, smallish liquid droplets that can travel a couple of metres. That is the way that the virus is transmitted in air. The masks are effective at blocking the aerosol droplets and hence the virus spread. Many good studies in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia have demonstrated the effectiveness of these masks in dramatically reducing spread from known COVID-19 patients and people in close contact.


It is all conjecture or opinion, the truth lies in the money trail. Noting on this earth happens without the money trail. Some one has to profit from whatever occurs and in many cases there is manipulation of facts for the expected financial reward.


This is the ultimate in right-wing gaslighting: there are no facts, it is just about statements that produce more power or profit. Most of us understand that nature exists outside of any political or corporate interests, that it can be understood by systematic observation and reasoning.

Last edited 4 months ago by grinandbearit
John P Nightingale

And talking about “conspiracy theories” alluded to by Plushie.
Paranoid rantings as listed have no basis in fact.
Sure, there are some references that are correct but quoting Fauci as saying masks are of no use is utterly FALSE as is the suggestion that because the curve is flattened the problem is over.
Wait 10 days post Labour Day weekend and see exactly how flat the curve is then.
Combine the upcoming flu season and lax rules in many States and see how many more C19 deaths or combined deaths in the US alone have occurred. (Today’s count 188K, Worldwide 875K (Historically Flu 59K and averages 500K respectively)
This is a “new” virus, little research having been done before and with the flurry of research, “mistakes” happen. Attributing these to conspiracies , deliberately lying, intentionally misleading and subjugating populations , is actually a major conspiracy in of itself.
Suggestions that asymptomatic carriers can only “rarely” spread the disease is not born out by viral facts.
This list , perhaps copied and pasted from Info Wars , is full of more holes than the Titanic.
What is not mentioned, is the WH influence on the functioning of the CDC and the FDA and particularly the rush to have a vaccine before the election.


the numbers of covid infected mean little in the light of the degree to which how very few of those infected have serious outcomes. to date, a tiny fraction of the population has been infected, and a very tiny fraction of that fraction has a serious experience. sugar remains a far more serious pandemic.
as for the now ubiquitous masks: cloth, bandanas, ill fitting paper…all with holes far larger than the tiny microbes they are purported to keep out. science experiment to try at home: if the screen’s holes are larger than the mosquitoes, will it keep the pests out?
meanwhile, the benefit of the covid farce is that we learn that money does grow on trees – and has been growing on trees for the uppermost of the top 1% for many decades, most bountiful returns since the move off the gold standard; since privileged lenders have been allowed to lend 10x what they actually have to lend (in essence, creating money that does not exist…hmm, even better than growing it on trees); since chronic debtor society has provided a massive wealth source from compounded interest for the privileged lenders. so long as we have faith in our money such that we avoid hyper inflation, we can grow as much of the stuff as we choose.

Last edited 4 months ago by biff

What hooha. It is a virus. Everybody not reclused on their own isolated island will eventually be exposed to it. Masks currently used do nothing other than hide bad brushing habits and slow the spread of bad breath. Surgical masks cannot stop the sub micron virus particles – their container explivitly states they are not for medical use!!! But facts don’t affect politicians or the media nowadays. Luvkily, illness and deathrates attributed solely from flu, cold, respiratory causes are lower this year than usual so there is obviously no pandemic. The publicized Covid cases seem high because most are pure guesses, are funded to be quoted as such and fueled by media bs. Covid deaths reported are vastly overstated – the US CDC says they average 3.6 causes, including car accidents, suicide, cancer, pneumonia, gunshots, falls etc. They said only 6% of the 180,000 US deaths are attributable solely to Covid – thats about 10,000, or probably somewhat less than bathroom slipping deaths. So banning bathrooms makes more sense than this Covid foolishness. That is destroying our countries.


..another wannabe medical expert….sigh…
Here’s your typical paranoia from said expert…
The publicized Covid cases seem high because most are pure guesses, are funded to be quoted as such and fueled by media bs.”

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