January 19th, 2021

Thanks for the entertainment

By Letter to the Editor on September 5, 2020.

Once again I send a heart-felt thank you to the good citizens of Lethbridge for their colourful views on the “Roasted and Toasted” page.

As the world reels under economic, health and social issues, the citizens of Lethbridge continue to rant about doggie-doo, people who cut them off (on their way to Costco) to buy even more toilet paper; about the pros and cons of recycling; about everything and anything.

I find all of this highly amusing … considering how we are still quite lucky to be living in Alberta, Canada – yes, there are things to be concerned about; however, when I need a chuckle I turn to this page to see what Lethbridge people are complaining about now.

Sadly, The Herald no longer comes to the Pass, or even to Pincher Creek, so when I manage to acquire one, I feel quite privileged. Yes, even neighbourhood cats get a scolding!

Ruth Jewell


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Seth Anthony

Listen up people!
From now on, you’re only allowed to speak of things that Ruth finds acceptable.

Last edited 4 months ago by Seth Anthony

Doggie-doo is a big thing Ruth when its on MY grass! And my grandchildren want to play on it.


fine letter! not only does when get a sense of the pathetic nature of society in the r&t, but we get it here, too

Fedup Conservative

While we watch many of our fellow seniors being made fools of by a Liberal, turned Reformer, has never been a true conservative, they try to pretend what great conservatives they are. Voting for anyone who attaches the word conservative to their name is all they care about.
It doesn’t matter what he promises to do to them he is their new hero and you can’t change them, they are what they are , losers who can’t handle the truth, they aren’t man enough.While he turns them against our doctors,, nurses and teachers, they don’t seem to understand that they are the ones who are going to need these doctors the most.
Friends keep asking why I bother to let them hurl their sarcastic comments at me, but like Ruth I find it hilarious watching them try to dispute cold hard facts with their idiotic comments and it helps them show case their ignorance to our young people.
Now that Kenney’s popularity has dropped him to the second lowest in Canada we still hear them trying to find reasons to support him. Good luck, the true conservatives in my world aren’t that dumb.


I say…. We don’t have a choice the lesser of two evils, to vote liberal is to vote “Socialism” the first step towards communism! Fed up… There is no free lunch! FACT….
It was the socialist NDP that got us into this mess in the first place!

Fedup Conservative

So give us a list of what the NDP did that you you don’t like? Instead of just believing the lies you have been told by Jason Kenney, when they were in fact trying to clean up the mess they inherited?
Maybe you should have been listening to the lawyers, accountants, oilmen and former MLAs that we have talked to who knew that she was on the right track, by gradually increasing taxes and oil royalties back up to the Lougheed levels to get us out of this mess. How would you have built the 55 schools we were short of without spending any money? How do you think slashing taxes down to 8% while you pay 10% is going to benefit you? How is taking the caps off our power bills, auto insurance, school fees, day care fees, increasing vehicle registration fees by $5.00, when we were already the highest in Canada going to benefit our young families and us seniors? Then add in the privatization of health care which doctors point out is just one more way for Kenney to benefit the rich, while forcing the rest of us into a health care nightmare. Can you prove they are wrong? As much as I would like to agree with you about the Liberals the fact is they and the NDP did far more for our oil industry than Harper ever did. Oil executives wanted him to put in the Carbon Tax and he refused. They knew they had to do something about our pollution and the Carbon Tax would have helped them obtain new markets for their oil. Can you prove it wouldn’t have and can you explain why it has been in place in Sweden since 1991, along with other places in the world, and it has worked well? Then can you explain why the oil industry is leaving since Kenney was elected? Have you talked to any of our oilmen who are now spending most of their time working in Texas?
Encana moving head office from Calgary to Denver, Norway pulling all their investments out of Alberta and telling the world not to invest in Alberta, Joe Biden stating that he will shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. Those of us who had ties to oil industry think Kenney has slammed the door shut on it and we won’t be able to obtain any new investors. While he has told the world he doesn’t care about global warming or the pollution we are creating when the world does care was a huge mistake. Then there is the $260 billion orphan well mess that Klein dumped in our laps. So while you whine about the NDP and Liberals you had better take a good like at what these phony conservatives, Reformers, have done to us. They are nothing like the true conservatives under Lougheed and Getty that we proudly supported.


lol! what a funny comment. or, is it simple ignorance?
klein and subsequent so-called con govt leaders got us into this mess. kenney and his corrupt co-horts are intent on staying that course.
as for the idea that a social approach to life is an issue, how is it one is missing the writing on the wall with regard to the capitalist approach? unsustainable in terms of environment, consumption, waste, filth, unmitigated greed, resulting poverty and wars…if there was a devil, all it would have had to do was introduce us to capitalism and all the personality sicknesses and weaknesses it stimulates, and sit back and dance with joy at our folly and misery.
as for the concern about socialism, how is it one does not like the idea of sharing and caring? seems like a bratty, underdeveloped 2 year old take on existence.