January 22nd, 2021

Misplaced blame

By Letter to the Editor on September 11, 2020.

Those of us from the world of finance, who had ties to the oil industry, aren’t surprised by what U of C economist Trevor Tombe is stating. Had the previous governments continued to collect oil royalties at the Lougheed levels we would have had an additional $575 billion.

Add this to the $150 billion lost because of tax breaks, that Ralph Klein’s daughter Angie was so upset about, then add in the orphan wells mess they created and these phoney conservatives have literally destroyed our children’s future.

Now while this Liberal turned Reformer, Jason Kenney, deliberately makes the situation worse by slashing taxes for his rich friends, and is forcing privatization of health care down our throats, he is trying to blame the doctors, nurses, teachers and Ottawa for the mess we are in. How stupid does he think we are?

Alan K. Spiller


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True, Alberta has acted like a trust fund kid for decades. After Klein got us out of debt I thought ok, maybe some sustainable economic policies will take place. What did we get? Ralph bucks and living paycheque to paycheque again.

Fedup Conservative

The fact is Klein didn’t get us out of debt as Ed Stemach pointed out when he took over from Klein. While he paid off the $23 billion debt he inherited from Getty he created a worse mess, a $42 billion infrastructure deficit. It was this deficit Notley was trying to fix when she was defeated.


How about the unaccountability-deficit Nutley brought in when her accidental government was in power FC??
We need to look no farther than the SCS boondoggle here in our little city!

Fedup Conservative

Let’s see Johnny provide us with a list of all the horrible ways Notley wasted our money. I know the lawyers, accountants , oilmen and bankers in my world would like to hear what he has to say.. How would he build the 55 schools we were short of without spending any money? The fact is he just believes the lies his Liberal friend Jason Kenney feeds him. He doesn’t care that Kenney and his party are being investigated by the RCMP in three cases and that they intend to sell off parks, close others and are promoting the separation from the rest of Canada and Johnny can’t wait to give up his Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan and Health care coverage, like we know would happen. Can he prove it wouldn’t? .

Southern Albertan

Yes, agreed. Remember former fiscal conservative Premier Peter Lougheed’s ‘Six Prinicples’ for resource development? “Behave like an owner, Collect your fair share, Save for a rainy day, Add value, Go slow, and Practice statecraft.” This was not done by subsequent years and years of AB Conservative governments. The oil and gas resource belonged to all Albertans and they do not advocate for us, at all. Now, we are stuck with the now changes in right wing politics, populist authoritarianism, to our further detriment.

Fedup Conservative

After we saw what Lougheed had provided us with it’s hard to believe what these ignorant Klein and Kenney supporters helped them do to us. Guys like Johnny will let them do anything they want to him and he will find some excuse to support it. As a friend would say I wonder what it’s like to be so dumb you have to let these phony conservatives do your thinking for you.


excellent letter. it is amazing how thick are those that have been brainwashed into believing that the words conservative and right reflect intelligence and integrity. they love the soundbites, dispel them ad nauseum as gospel, and would vote for mosquitoes if they ran under the conservative banner.

Fedup Conservative

Years ago a senior in Red Deer told me that he could run his dog in the next election as a conservative and he bets he would get elected. He likely would have.

Fedup Conservative

I haven’t forgotten the words of a retired RCMP friend who passed away in 2015. He pointed out that the senior Klein supporters weren’t any smarter than the seniors who allow con-artists to steal their life savings. The point is from what we have witnessed Albertans are easy to fool. I doubt there is another province who would fall for these phoney conservative’s lies.