January 22nd, 2021

Albertans continue to refuse to accept economic reality

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2020.

Can you believe there are still ideologs (blind public policy economists) from the Reagan/Thatcher/Greenspan era that are trying to blame Alberta’s finances on COVID-19 and the oil “market?” Albertans refuse to accept reality after 50 years of Conservative political fantasy (bad financial thinking). Is it possible to believe the Conservatives can fix the problem they created?

The wake-up call is ignored, excused. Norway, with similar population, the same market, with the same start time, has a $1.5-trillion reserve; plus paying all public health care, pension funding, and all education kindergarten through university!

Please Albertans, take off your rose-coloured glasses and smell the skunk. This disaster is caused by listening to U.S. political propaganda, and corporate right-wing privatization. Puppy-like following the mandate of the one per cent elites. Why keep listening to the University of Chicago public policy experts like dizzy Izy, Klein/Love and Toews. “The Commies are coming, the Commies are coming,” generations of Kool-Aid drinking has removed self-sufficient thinking ability. Even children today are trying to wake up their parents. Non-thinking is too easy – we can just do what grandpa did. Carl Sagan called it the “Demon Haunted World.”

Today’s big news – Kenney “resets” cabinet; blames Trudeau (again), trusting a new Conservative leader to fix everything, justifies a giant step backwards by OKing coal mines in our drinking water. To quote Pogo: “We have met the enemy, it is us.” This is NOT creating jobs. This is profit taking for corporations and poisoning the population. Now we understand why Kenney wants to eliminate environmental assessment, and federal oversight. First you scare everyone about losing their jobs; then blame it all on Trudeau; then offer slavery to international corporations; pretending to be the job creator.

Don Ryane


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Citi Zen

Ho hum. More sour grapes from an NDPer.


Yep, I thought he would have left long ago for the sacred land. British Columbia.

Southern Albertan

…entirely agree with Don Ryane here. Again, Norway did follow former fiscal Conservative AB Premier Peter Lougheed’s ‘Six Principles’ for resource development. AB Conservatives, over many years, did not. The principles again, are: “Behave like an owner, Collect your fair share, Save for a rainy day, Add value, Go slow, and Practice statecraft.”
And again, the Kenney UCP is not the once loved, inclusive fiscal conservatism of yore from my AB grandparent’s era. It is now, divisive ultra right wing populist authoritarianism which still believes in the old-fashioned trickle-down economics which we should all know, by now, does not work.
Time will certainly tell, but if things continue to go a-end over teakettle, what will be said? Crickets? Or, it’s aok because the Kenney UCP did it?

Dennis Bremner

There will be political instability for many years in Alberta no matter what party is in power. We are about to get a taste of being have not. Something no Albertan can stomach but they will have to learn that there is a cost to Color Socks Agenda in Ottawa. I laugh when the West considers itself being ignored by Ottawa, why? because “we ain’t seen nothin yet” ! When Colored Socks bribes Ontario/Quebec with taxpayer money, “to save his WE ass” the agenda will be so anti West that it will be amusing.

Last edited 4 months ago by Dennis Bremner
Fedup Conservative

I don’t like Trudeau anymore than you do but i haven’t forgotten what Reformer Harper did to us either. My sister spent about 20 years volunteering for conservative MLAs and federal conservative MPs from Alberta then lost $23,000. because Harper lied about taxing the Income Trusts. Canadians lost $35 billion we were told and many were seniors who couldn’t afford to lose it.

Dennis Bremner

You should try to live in the here and now. But I have told you this before but as a “senior” you must be moving onto senility?


Looks like sentence skills deteriorate with age.


great letter – in relatively few words, gives an apt comparison that provides the better reality we could have been; also, hits the nail on the head as to the reasons why we are in the tank. There are no new jobs coming; and yet, ots of our money is getting shoveled along into the usual good-old-boy pockets.
And what do we get here: the usual stuck in some conservative govt is god fantasy folk giving hollow replies, all because they lack insight and honesty.

Fedup Conservative

So while these seniors show the world how ignorant they are they continue to believe the lies their Liberal friend Jason Kenney feeds them and ignore the fact that him and his party are being investigated by the RCMP . If that wasn’t enough his popularity has dropped him to the second lowest amongst premiers in Canada and they still find it smart to make up their idiotic comments to try defend him without and true facts to back anything they say. You can’t be much dumber than that , can you?


More “sky is falling” BS from Don! They including Don are still in denial that their accidental gov (NDP) were pretty-much erased from the Alberta political map! Time to get some counseling Don!

Fedup Conservative

Gee Johnny does it make you feel like a big man while you hurl your sarcastic comments at anyone who doesn’t support your level of incompetence? Well I suggest if it makes you feel good go for it and show the young people how ignorant you are. All the idiotic comments in the world can’t hide the true facts but it’s fun to watch you try.