January 20th, 2021

Arrogance and ARCHES/SCS

By Letter to the Editor on September 12, 2020.

Arrogance when you are in charge of an SCS business is not a good trait to have, it tends to get you in trouble. It’s like a doctor coming out of an ebola tent and coughing on you and then saying “He’s saving lives!” Your first thought is OK, but what about me?

When I personally “lost it” is when ARCHES/SCS decided to threaten the owner of Hamilton Carpets. It seemed for a moment in time, the rights of the addict, superseded the rights of Hamilton Carpets to exist, as a “positive contributor to this community.” That “his suffering” was irrelevant, because “we’re saving lives here” you uncaring …! My thought is OK, but what self-appointed god suspended his rights?

As the demise for the SCS became apparent, spokespeople suddenly wanted to be a caring citizen, that would listen to the community? It’s like a person who has just been caught stealing and cries a river, saying it will never happen again! Repentance always seems to come when you are “trapped like a Rat” and when you are, you promise to “work like dog” to mend your arrogant ways! So it’s not surprising, as a last-ditch effort, a “white dove of hope” was tossed out the SCS window in hopes someone/anyone would appreciate the gesture! It was not.

SCS/ARCHES went “the arrogant way” and decided their right to existence superseded the community itself! We are “saving lives here, so get the hell out of the way!” They almost made it, they almost became “too big to fail!”

So now we get the “proclamation from those of self-appointed self-importance.” Addicts will die, people will be pricked, needles will be everywhere and doom is upon us!

This is akin to the speech from the exiled before their departure! “May the pox be upon you, thou darest question me. The wrath of the plague shall be upon you, your village shall surely be destroyed.” Well if the wrath comes, the village will take care of itself! Lethbridge will do just fine, we can deal with it, and your parting proclamation changes nothing.

However, it is a very, very fine piece of drama, as you exit stage left!

Dennis Bremner


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And the socialist six are quiet, except for the “storming” of City Hall. Speaking of drama. Still waiting to see what becomes of the 1.6 mil that no one could find and what happens to the members of the ARCHES board who were in management of the 14 million in grants the SCS received.


My Question is: How much money has the City of Lethbridge spent on the SCS? Where is the Audit?!
How much does the City of Lethbridge spend annually on the Shelter! What happened to “User Pay”?


I’ll just leave this here!


Although I don’t agree with some of the decisions of a few on that list Ragnar, it is only Spearman and Myashiro that I would absolutely not vote for in 2021. Both of them are bullies.

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Of course you wouldn’t vote for any of the socialist six…just the Three Stooges. I heard your heroes Hyggen and Parker showed support for the anti-maskers at Council last week, but all of their colleagues left Council chambers. I guess the two you mentioned above are bullies as much as you are a reactive, uninformed conservative stooge

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

You do understand that the decision to open the SCS was Provincial, not Municipal…right? And surely you know that the City did not fund the SCS?


I don’t agree with you. You said.. the City did not fund the SCS?! Lets be more precise “How much money did the city of Lethbridge put towards the affairs associated with the SCS”! Example is security! Security: employing more police for the streets and guards for the library and parks.. Monies spent picking up needles ambulance cleaning and manpower all additional monies spent because of the SCS!? The added costs of expanding the Shelter because of increases in numbers of addicts coming from all over B.C and Alberta!
The city spent my hard earned Tax Dollar to the excess; I want to know “How Much” it cost the citizens of Lethbridge?! Get the bean counters working, add it up we deserve to know!!

Not An Oldman Yelling at the Clouds

Look it up, it’s all there.
You have plenty of time to share your many thoughts and opinions on-line, so I assume you have time to find the information you seek.


Says the old man yelling at clouds. Can ask the council directly to see how they respond. Guess you’ll get nothing from the socialist six.

Citi Zen

If Alberta re-elects an NDP government again, the first thing they will do is reinstate the SCS. Think about it, folks. Shannon??


Everything seems to have gone very quiet since the big reveal. Welcome to our “Upside Down World”. A place where criminals, drug addicts, fraudsters and those that blatantly break the law are rewarded and those that are law abiding, hard working citizens are treated as scum. Meanwhile, we pay our taxes to support the dysfunctional members of society. No one is accountable any more. I guess it’s to early in the morning yet for the Trolls but I’m sure they won’t disappoint. Take care Dennis.

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doug, apply the gist of your entry to our govts – all stripes and levels – and it resounds.

Southern Albertan

It seems to me that one of the main concerns here is drug-related crime. One place/country in the world ‘who’ has greatly reduced their drug-related crime, is, Portugal. A number of things have to be done together, i.e.safe consumption sites, the support network for rehab and, what is meeting resistance here in Canada is, the decriminalization of drug possession. The decriminalization aspect has proven, to enable folks who need help to seek help more readily without fear of punishment. Another ‘big picture’ thing is a more equal society with a decreased gap between the rich and the poor. Let’s face it, those who are well educated, have good health, a decent roof over their heads, adequate nutrition, decent employment….are less likely to turn to drugs and crime because they are less likely to be restless. Equal wealth distribution, while still allowing for individual wealth is money in the bank, in the long run. Poverty, begets crime including drug-related crime, unfortunately. Heading it off in the first place in a proactive manner would be the smart thing to do.


it is the artificially high price of drugs that causes crime, and of course, the stupid, ineffective and crimes against humanity laws that have been the war on drugs that create criminals out of thin air. if drugs were available far closer to how cheap really are to produce, there will be no crime required in order to use drugs.


And how about the high price of drugs (prescription) which health care has to subsidize to be affordable? it is a free market and the price is is not associated with cost, just demand. (example Prozac$150 for 100, cost of production $0.81)

Southern Albertan

Which is exactly why Canada needs Universal Pharmacare. New Zealand did this years ago already generating much more affordable prices on medications. Otherwise, the Big Corporate Pharma friends of certain Canadian/provincial governments continue to do prescription robbery and make their $billons/trillions on our backs.


Consider NZ has approx population the same as AB. maybe we can have Trudeau use us as a guinea pig and can break the bank here quicker.


i expect you have some intelligence – try and tap it


When one resorts to slander and condescending remarks you identify yourself as a loser.


you made a rather ignorant entry – i expect that you are more capable. please try again.

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The usual condescending remark from the “Biffy”.


right on the mark, so ab