May 21st, 2024

Biden win could be easily foreseen

By Letter to the Editor on November 18, 2020.

How did I correctly predict the results of the U.S. election … at Christmas?
1. Democrats were motivated by their disgust and hatred of Donald Trump, and proved that in the 2018 mid-term elections.
2. Democrats only had to flip back three states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) to win.
3. There was no evidence, ever, that Trump would take a blue state from the 2016 election and turn it red.
4. There was no evidence, ever, that Donald Trump would suddenly become reasonable and diplomatic. And after Christmas, when the worst health crisis in 100 years came in March, he responded predictably and poorly.
All those points could be derived from reputable media sources like the Economist magazine and the polling site 538 (they publish all major polls, even from sites friendly to Trump). Although the polls were generally off in terms of the degree of Biden’s victory, they were accurate, week after week. There were seven swing states where Biden usually or always had polling leads, and Biden could be expected to win four and probably five of those seven states.
I have many Facebook “friends” of all political positions. The Trump supporters totally refused to believe any of my points above; they were lost in the “Fox and Friends” conspiracy tunnel. Even some Trump opponents were so paranoid they were spooked that Trump would pull off some kind of evil magic. But on Friday, Nov. 6 rational strategy, grassroots energy supported by strong fundraising, and perceived empathy and hope won a clear victory.
And Donald Trump will be sent to the ash heap of history, a one-term president, a vain, dangerous and foolish man who could not beat a 78-year-old career politician.
Allan Wilson

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A toxic and misguided form of Christianity is the driving force behind Trump. The opposition has their own toxic form of religion behind them. All Trump has done, just by being who he is, was cause said toxicity to bubble up by being a catalyst.


It’s time to stop saying his name….as we see it less and less, he’ll be forgotten.

Fedup Conservative

Do you think we should stop saying Klein’s name also , forgive and forget what he did to us, when we will be paying for what he did to us for the rest of lives and our children for years to follow and should we ignore what this clone of Klein is doing to us? I think you would agree he is only making things worse.
After whining about our high cost of health care and trying to blame it on our doctors and nurses, when it was former phoney conservative governments who created it, now he is increasing the costs to taxpayers with privatization and wants to privatize blood donations, once again dumping the costs onto the backs of taxpayers. Where is the intelligence in that? We know our true conservative hero Peter Lougheed would never have allowed this to happen.

Southern Albertan

And also, again, the American historian Allan Lichtman, not only predicted Trump’s win in 2016, but he predicted Biden’s win this year.
His “13 Keys” used for his predictions can be read here: