May 25th, 2024

Too many don’t get mask message

By Letter to the Editor on November 21, 2020.

Too many of us are not wearing masks in public. Alberta has become a hot spot for new corona infections. If people won’t wear a mask and avoid crowding our leaders must make it the law with fines to not do so.
Recent Alberta regulations closing bars early are not enough. Heavy fines are in order when so many dying and our courageous health workers getting sick while hospitals fill. Look at Texas where they are bringing in refrigerator trucks to store all the bodies.
Perhaps if we parked one of those trucks outside each bar the message might sink in! This is a deadly airborne disease.
Larry MacKillop

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I had to do some research on this as your statement seemed off the wall. However, you are correct with the fridge trucks. I have a question however, as a large amount of these deaths are occurring in El Paso which is directly across the border from Juarez, Mexico, it would seem reasonable and responsible for the MSM to determine the origin country of those passing away. Is the situation in El Paso an internally grown explosion in numbers or are they coming across the border. Canada has a similar and smaller issue at our airports and borders. Another point, look up snowbirds, flying to Plattsburgh, NY., after having their vehicles shipped there by a carrier out of Quebec. Then the “birds” move on to their winter homes in Florida and elsewhere. The vehicle transporter is apparently setting up the flights as well. The local rumour mill has people flying Calgary to Seattle, renting a car and going to their winter retreats in Montana. If you have that kind of coin, you can afford to pay the 40k for a ventilator and the transport home in a box. However, when in doubt about statistics, data, the daily fear factor from the MSM, we can all take solace and direction from the Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, that Covid-19 doesn’t attend birthday parties in the Napa Valley wine country. A shining example of “masks for thee” and “not for me” The disparity continues in that you can fly to the US and upon return take a test, if negative, go sit at home for three days, and if no symptoms, you are good to go. In reality, no one really knows what the H to do and we have pathetic commandants like Newsome walking among us. Politicians are throwing jelly at the wall, hoping something sticks. We don’t need more government control, we need more SELF control. Wear a mask.


Interesting link regarding the medical examiners office (morgue) in El Paso Texas.

Southern Albertan

Agreed re: wearing masks. In light of the data and science supporting the their effectiveness, again, that ‘Alberta’ hasn’t done the same mask mandate provincially, as B.C. and Saskatchewan, et al, have done, is truly mindboggling. Are they that fearful of their antimask base?
“Face masks: what the data say. The science supports that face coverings are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic, and yet the debate trundle one. How much evidence is enough?”

Kal Itea

Sounds like a nuthatch, wackadoo. Don’t believe in this pseudo.


Dr. Hodkinson is not nor has ever held the position of chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


Phlushy..such an uniformed fool. Too bad he’s such a coward.
Grow a spine!

John P Nightingale

This Dr may have degrees coming out the ying yang and be a member of multiple professional organizations ( but not Chair of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada) but that does not make him an expert. He cut up dead people in an earlier life. He has raised some interesting points but to suggest that masks do not work and that it is a simple flu is misleading to say the least. The mortality associated with COVID is higher locally and world wide, as is the contagiousness of the virus. That said, the Spanish Flu would be a good comparison with this current outbreak. “Regular” seasonal flu is nowhere near as bad. I notice “The Rebel” and the “Western Standard” (among others) are drooling over this monologue of the good doctor. Enough said!

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Bernadette Remus

You forgot to add, “This is a deadly airborne disease with a 99% recovery rate.”

Kal Itea Posted: Nov 22, 2020 12:52 PM MT
Wear a Mask, wash your hands bozos/