May 25th, 2024

Will U.S. follow Germany’s example?

By Letter to the Editor on November 21, 2020.

Trump is gone, but what about “Trumpism”? This question seems of great concern these days. But let us consider some history.
Quite recently the world was very worried the defeat of Hitler might not be the end of extreme German nationalism. Yet the German people eventually recognized their gullibility and Germany is now one of Europe’s most compassionate societies. Is this to be the fate of the USA?
Herman Gom

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Southern Albertan

Agreed…it does make one wonder, with the ‘Trumpism’ ultra right wing populist authoritarianism being a form of fascism, whether lessons have been learned from history. This is a very disturbing parallel indeed.
And, suffer no illusions, that we have the Kenney UCP ultra right wing populist authoritarian government right here in Alberta. One can only hope that gullibility here in Alberta will be recognized.


Laughable, when their have been natural disasters across the globe who has been first in line with aid and support. Why that would be the hated and Hitler like USA. When there is an outbreak of a disease in other countries where do we turn for help. That would be the CDC in the USA. The UN has its headquarters where, not Germany, but New York. Who was or still is paying the most to fund the UN. Why that would be the USA. Who made NATO members stand up and get off the US teat, that would be the dreaded dictator Trump. Who took out Bin Laden, why that would be wonder boy Obama. What a bunch of drivel Herman. Here is the definition of your implied extreme US nationalism.

American nationalism or US nationalism, is a form of civic nationalism, cultural nationalism, economic nationalism or ethnic nationalism found in the US. Essentially, it indicates the aspects that characterize and distinguish the US as an autonomous political community.

We could use more of this in Canada.


I think the correct answer to the first two questions is ‘Cuba’.