May 25th, 2024

A poor way to save $99,000

By Letter to the Editor on November 27, 2020.

Re: the Lethbridge Herald Thursday, Nov. 19, on the City Planning Department’s ridiculous way to save $99,000, for a City that has a budget of tens of millions of dollars.
My idea, get rid of a couple of City staff planners, if this is all their brainstorming can come up with to save the City money. That will take care of the $99,000 quite nicely.
Josephine Aristone

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way too many overpaid managers and bureaucrats at city hall. and the salary and perks that are paid to our city manager…in the neighbourhood of $400k?! For a city of roughly 100k. Ludicrous. And ditto all the way down the ladder.


I’m sure the City Manager’s compensation is in line with other similar sized cities.

$99K is pretty much $1 per person. Not a huge amount.

Let’s start with fining CP Rail for blocking off 43rd Street for 22 minutes the other morning! Yes, I have video evidence of it.