May 18th, 2024

What Herald provides can’t be replaced

By Letter to the Editor on November 27, 2020.

We’ve been Lethbridge Herald subscribers for 46 years. That’s about 15,650 issues. We were both born and raised here in Lethbridge. We’ve volunteered here, worked here, owned a business here, raised children and are enjoying our grandchildren here.
Like thousands of Lethbridge retired folks, we own computers, smartphones, televisions and radios, so we have an abundance of ways to access world news, but the “daily” dose of local Lethbridge news and general information over our morning coffee or an evening refreshment is extremely important to us. We’ve relied on advertising in The Herald all our lives, to attend festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, openings and closings of retail stores, elections, movies, civic celebrations and fundraisers, all held locally. Bob and one of our daughters chose a Herald paper route for their first job. We have a Second World War veteran whose picture appears in the Nov. 11 Remembrance issue each year. We’ve posted family births, weddings, anniversaries and, sadly, obituaries in The Herald. We’ve had countless pictures and articles from The Herald tacked onto our fridge over the years.
The local flavour of the Lethbridge Herald cannot possibly be replaced by regional news coverage in any form. We could do without a multitude of things the city council spends money on, but we would damn sure miss the Lethbridge Herald.
Bob and Barb Cole

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Great letter!
We all enjoy The Herald and don’t want to lose it during these pandemic times, economic collapse, and (social) media competition.
But… it’s pointless if you and I aren’t contributing to the revenue side of the ledger.