May 28th, 2024

Why does City subsidize developers?

By Letter to the Editor on November 27, 2020.

I read with interest the article regarding cuts to the printed advertising budget as proposed by a City of Lethbridge department. I found the comment about seniors who are unable to access the internet should simply make their way down to city hall to pick up printed details to be just a little ludicrous.
What really surprised me, though, was the fact that developers are subsidized by the City (we, the taxpayers) for information developers are compelled to provide in print media. What a beautiful gesture to make on the pretext of helping to offset some of their costs. As a former small-business owner, I wish someone from the City would have been kind enough to tell me about this wonderful program. I’m quite sure that many businesses, especially in these tough COVID times, would be most appreciative of the City paying for part of their advertising. It makes you wonder “what else” the City does with our money that is somehow kept a secret … until it’s not a secret anymore.
Ron Bain

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great letter – thank you! AUDIT! how is it the city will not conduct audits? something to hide? likely. the city has conducted some great land deals over the decades, typically buying high and selling low. seems there are recurring beneficiaries of these “deals”, and they are deals for the usual.
as for ‘developers”, now there is a misnomer. trample nature for more look alike, mass produced, toxic buildings done on the shortcut. so little left of nature. hard to believe how much destruction “developers” have wrought in just the last 20 years. so very little space for nature; so very many matchbox homes and strip malls.


Good letter Ron.

Another tidbit – Avonlea and Galko (among a couple others) always donate (aka: bribe) to the election campaigns of the majority of the members on council. I wonder why…

Proof is on the City’s website. You can see every candidates donation sheet from the past few elections.


Because they have to compete with the city’s land corporation? I guess the city figures they get a return on the other end with property taxes from taxable development?