May 24th, 2024

Public notice newspaper ads serve a democratic purpose

By Letter to the Editor on December 2, 2020.

I was appalled to read, in the Nov. 19 Herald, that someone working for the City was suggesting that hearings and development permits, etc. no longer be advertised in the newspaper. A cost saving of $79,000 ($99,000), whichever, could probably be covered by eliminating their salary.
To suggest that those seniors not on social media could just come down to city hall to pick up the information is ludicrous. How would they know something was happening? Would they need to come every day so they didn’t miss something happening next to them?
I hope city council puts this suggestion where it belongs – in the trash basket. I am a senior who always checks these ads in the Saturday Herald. The provincial law about this serves a democratic purpose and needs to be obeyed.
Frances Schultz

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