May 19th, 2024

Herald needs City’s support

By Letter to the Editor on December 3, 2020.

Dear Mayor Spearman,
Thank you for doing an excellent job as mayor of Lethbridge. We are writing to you about our Lethbridge Herald, which is a vital source of news and information for our community. We read and listen to news from many sources, including the internet, and the Lethbridge Herald is a source we trust and read regularly.
The Lethbridge Herald provides local news and information that promotes a more informed, cohesive and democratic community. A small sampling of the valuable items to be found in The Herald on any given day includes reporting on local issues and local small businesses, local arts and cultural events, including Southern Alberta Council of Public Affairs, the Public Professor, and Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, letters to the editor, reporting from city council and local politicians, volunteer opportunities, and thoughtfully curated and relevant content from Canadian and Associated Press. Our Lethbridge Herald is far superior to daily papers in Calgary and Edmonton, and our support is more important than ever in this time of rampant sources of untrustworthy news. Our local newspaper needs support from the City of Lethbridge.
Joan and Ron McNeil

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