May 28th, 2024

Province’s masking mandate doesn’t go far enough

By Letter to the Editor on December 3, 2020.

I, along with many Albertans, watched with interest and concern the new COVID restrictions as outlined by our premier and Minister Shandro on Tuesday, Nov. 24.
The measures outlined were absolutely necessary and at least the premier appeared to actually understand the gravity of the situation.
Many measures now mandated were long overdue but when the question of mask wearing was presented his proposal was underwhelming to put it mildly.
Perhaps he was appealing to those libertarians amongst us who feel that their personal rights are being compromised, thus infringing on their constitutional well-being. This despite the evidence worldwide being to the contrary.
That he has chosen to only mandate masks in high-risk zones (“enhanced”) makes absolutely no sense. Compartmentalizing such requirements is bound to fail, making more likely that come mid-December, he will be forced to exercise even more serious procedures.
Our contact tracing is inadequate and it is highly doubtful that one can point to a single source being the major reason for our exponential rise in cases. And yet, the government has decided to identify zones within the province of Alberta where mask wearing is not mandated, based on a perception of there being less risk in these areas.
Despite the most populated areas being “enhanced,” fact is, all of Alberta should be subject to this simple, small inconvenience for the benefit of the entire population.
John P. Nightingale

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Southern Albertan

That the Kenney UCP has not mandated masking, is entirely political. They, and many of the rest of us know, that the Kenney UCP antimask base would probably even go so far as to threaten to form another political party. It’s likely the same reason we have not had strict, and lengthy, lockdowns such as effectively done early on in Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.


Kenney will pay a political price for this as cases (and deaths) increase.


The problem is not Jason Kenney, The problem is the people who want “BIG BROTHER” to take care of us. Then we object. How many people follow the posted speed limit or stop at stop signs or orange lights. How many stop when the sign says, do not block the intersection, stay here and wait for the light. I see these infractions daily, yet there is the law. If you want total control over everything, just remember Nazi Germany.


You are a paranoid, deluded, clueless individual that needs a good slap upside the head.

John P Nightingale

Breaking the law by some does not mean one should abandon all forms of restrictions such as speed limits. Or perhaps that is what you would advocate? One only needs to look around now compared with before the the city’s mask mandate. Most people now wear masks compared with earlier.
In the case of the pandemic, your personal aversion to be told to do something is trumped by the majority who deserve to live in as healthiest environment as possible.
Suggesting a parallel with Nazi Germany in the time of this pandemic is ignorant and devoid of any reasonable thought process.