January 15th, 2021

UCP inaction putting Albertans at risk

By Letter to the Editor on December 5, 2020.

Recently, the UCP put the lives of Albertans at risk by refusing to implement effective health measures for the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Health professionals and experts have provided the government with advice on the best actions to take, which was not followed. The consensus among health professionals is that the “mockdown” implemented on Nov. 24 will lead to increased infections and deaths. It will also shut down Alberta’s economy.
I am asking my MLA, Nathan Neudorf, to stop risking our lives and our families’ lives by continued inaction, which has made Alberta one of the most plague-ridden places in the world.
As of today, not wearing a mask, shopping, gambling, sports, church services, using one-on-one services, attending primary school, indoor dining, going to bars and indeed, most activities continue to occur in Alberta as if nothing is happening. In addition, at the same time as hospitals and ICUs are overwhelmed, the UCP has told nurses they will cut their pay. Contact tracing, a vital piece of any solution, has collapsed and the federal contact tracing app is banned.
Mr. Neudorf, please help save lives in Alberta and convince your UCP comrades to change course and adopt effective province-wide health protocols to end this pandemic. I also encourage you to reach a quick settlement with nurses that will encourage them to keep providing their vital services in the face of the massive strain they face.
Let’s place the health of Albertans first.
Tom Moffatt

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This is an absurd letter. The UCP have arranged for field hospitals already. Freezer trucks can be made available and Kenney will beg for the Canadian military to manage the field hospitals, since we do not have enough AHS staff to handle this. Everything is in order, don’t panic.


why do we have to have somebody tell us what to do. we are adults and actually know what to do without being ordered. the ones being infected are the ones that did not do as they should and didn’t heed earlier advice. so they “benefit” from their decision.

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The data is available if people choose to look. If this was the Spanish Flu with healthy 30-year old people dropping dead, perhaps the letter writer’s assertions and suggestions would be justified.

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