May 29th, 2024

Responsible governments can admit they’re fallible

By Letter to the Editor on December 9, 2020.

In the 19th century and well into the 20th century, the federal government and some provinces believed it was right to tear First Nations children from their families, confine them to residential schools and strip them of their identities and culture.
Finally, they realized it was wrong. We’re going to be dealing with that legacy for a long time.
In the Second World War, the federal government believed it was right and necessary to intern the population that was of Japanese heritage, again, confiscating something that belonged to them. Afterwards, we realized it was wrong, and that they were as loyal as other Canadians.
The current government has been wrong about the SNC Lavalin affair. It’s been wrong about the WE Charity. The prime minister personally has been in the wrong about those two matters, and also has committed ethics violations.
Historical perspective has exposed how very wrong a government can be.
What if the Trudeau government is wrong about the way it is handling the COVID-19 virus?
Members of the 29th Ministry, Trudeau’s cabinet, have been chastising opposing voices, calling them alarmist, irresponsible, untruthful. Really? Do Trudeau and his ministers think they are gods? Infallible? History could just as easily find them wrong, as it found the ministers of previous governments to be wrong.
If Trudeau and his ministers are truly responsible and have the humility to admit they are capable of error, they will tolerate and welcome opposing views and will engage in reasoned public exchange with them, with a view to not making the mistake of another historically unjust action. They should respect and tolerate individual rights of all Canadians and uphold their rights against unreasonable actions by institutions and businesses.
If Trudeau and his ministers will not admit they are capable of error, and will not welcome opposing views, then they have declared themselves omniscient, and disqualified themselves to hold power in Canada. They should resign from office.
What will it be?
Geoffrey Capp

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The current government may not be omniscient, but are something that would certainly lead them to believe they are: elected by Canadians, twice.