May 25th, 2024

Alberta gov’t inaction caused the problem

By Letter to the Editor on December 12, 2020.

Jason Kenney suggests criticism of his government handling the COVID crisis is Alberta bashing. Balderdash, Premier, it’s your inaction that made us the highest number of cases in the country, especially if you look at number per capita. Not only that, you alienated our doctors, nurses and other frontline workers at a time when they’re most needed. Please step aside and let the frontline workers lead.
Larry MacKillop

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We can all blame Kenney for ruining our Christmas and New Years! He had several weeks prior to December to initiate this lockdown. I’m surprised more people aren’t calling for him (or the bigger moron in Shandro) to step down.

Fedup Conservative

The people in Medicine Hat certainly have. They want rid of this phony conservative who just doesn’t get it and doesn’t care who gets hurt by his actions. The poll two weekends ago proves it , a 67% support for Notley and only 19% for Kenney with more that 1,500 people taking part.


Think of the government as “WE”. Why did not our “ADULT” population not control this pandemic. Are we all that stupid that we have to be “ORDERED” to behave in a certain manner, and then have to blame someone else for the problem. Time for eveeryone to out on their big boy pants.

Fedup Conservative

Do you mean like Jason Kenney blaming the doctors,nurses, teachers, AISH recipients and Ottawa for the financial mess we are in and as the oil men point out creates a lie about fake corporations attacking our oil industry when our oil executives say there aren’t any and Kenney hasn’t found any.

I would say he is treating his supporters like morons and they are letting him do it.
But then that’s what reformers do as the true Conservatives have taught us, and that’s why they have a horrible record of losing elections like Stephen Harper, Preston Manning, Danielle Smith,Brian Jean, Jim Prentice, Andrew Scheer and it looks like Manitoba premier will be next and Jason Kenney be also by what people are saying.

This Red Neck Has No Neck

You make a good point about personal and collective responsibility, but in answer to your question, the answer is, unfortunately, yes. As today, Alberta accounts for 27.5% of the total number of active COVID-19 cases in Canada even though we account for just under 12% of Canada’s population.
Relying on personal responsibility is a dog that just isn’t going to hunt in this situation.