May 25th, 2024

Let’s get vaccine priority right

By Letter to the Editor on December 17, 2020.

I for one will be extremely upset if frontline health workers do not get the first doses of any COVID vaccine. After this it should go to police and firefighters as well as military personnel distributing the medicine. Then to vulnerable members of the province.
Let’s not have a repeat of the likes of Calgary Flames players trying to jump the line… they aren’t that good anyway. Nor do I wish to see Premier Kenney considered a priority with his whining about Alberta bashing after he held back on a lockdown so long!
I am a native-born senior in a long-term care facility where I can feel safe knowing staff are immunized. Get to them right after our overworked hospital staff.
Larry MacKillop

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usually onside with you, lm. however, not on this one, except your great point about the flames jumping the cue 🙂
i am not anti-vax, save for the flu vaccines, which are another issue.
however, these vaccines are rushed and novel. novel in that they employ an mRNA vaccine approach, which has never been used before; moreover, because they are being rushed to the trough, there is not yet long-term data on side effects.
this should be scary to people; it is to a coward like myself. i am not just a coward, but an overly sensitive one, and i see these vaccines to be yet another repugnant outcome of the systematic torture of creatures by sicko animal abusers and pharm/chemical/cosmetics corps who have too long been given a white lab cloak of immunity from animal abuse prosecution.
the very idea of giving this utterly premature vaccine to front line health workers is frightening and reprehensible, and could prove disastrous should the vaccines prove to cause significant long term issues. front line health workers should be among the last to receive the vaccines – certainly, they should be permitted to exercise their free will as to whether they take it, or not. without healthy health workers, we will indeed be in deep doo-doo.

Citi Zen

So why have they announced that a priority group gir vaccines will be First Nations? Why shouldn’t they have to line up the same as the rest of us?? Isn’t that discrimination?