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Take time to learn about Mustard Seed’s good work

By Letter to the Editor on December 17, 2020.

I have been reflecting on all of the negativity towards the new Mustard Seed project coming to Lethbridge and feel I must speak out. This is a wonderful organization and Lethbridge will be truly blessed to have “The Seed” lay down roots in southern Alberta.
A lot of people are vehemently opposed to this wonderful organization possibly setting up shop in their neighbourhood. All clients must be clean and sober or they are not permitted to stay. Many clients are in a homeless situation because of factors beyond their control. Others have worked hard to overcome their addictions and need some positive support to take the next step successfully. If we, as a society, can give them a hand up instead of a handout, it’s a win-win for everyone.
Yes, I would be happy to have them set up shop in my own neighbourhood. This is nothing like the supervised consumption site. Please take the time to learn what The Mustard Seed is all about on their website at
Raylene van Rijn

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Dennis Bremner

I do note that you write this from Coaldale. Which means you are entirely comfortable with Mustard Seed being somewhere else! Your analysis of what it provides and the “rules” that must be adhered too is quite limited, as is your understanding of addicts in general.
Addiction to Drugs has an annual success rate of 1-3%. That means that at most 3 out of every 100 addicts will remain sober after 2 years. Mustard Seed’s business plan is to process through there sobering site individuals that wish to quit. If they are successful they are moved to the proposed Ramada. Their sobering course is not long and is not as intensive as the provincial system.
The addict after a few short weeks is moved to the Ramada. The Ramada will hold up to 160ish of these individuals. If you use the statistics provided by normal success rates then 5 people at best will remain sober. That means that 155 will be tossed out due to not maintain a sober life style. Then a new group of 155 will appear. This is done 1-2 daily every day, of the year. Those 155 will then be once again released out into the community. Except now, they have found a new area home, the South Side of Lethbridge. Repeat this same scenario over and over again and soon the addicts in Lethbridge will be making a new South Side home. (PS this has nothing to do with homeless people, they will not be an issue and deserve a place, but the X gen are trying to redefine homeless to include people that pee $3000 a month into their veins. If we were dealing with the true homeless, there would be little objection, but we are dealing with thieves, and drug addicts, that’s a different story) The Ramada will have a Bicycle Chop Shop within a month of approval.
This will be the Mustard Seeds first attempt at setting up a residents for addicts in a neighborhood with children, schools and parks. Why not suggest Coaldale for the new Mustard Seed? After all Mr Mustard Seed is looking to get as much free real estate as he can, live tax free and wreck havoc on Lakeview community while paying himself big bonuses for doing Gods work! Why not write City Council suggesting your neighborhood as you have mentioned, the area should all share in this program, right? You have my support and I would guess at least 6000 residents of Lakeview!

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Seth Anthony

I guess the author has never read what occurs at other Mustard Seed locations. To put this type of venue in an area right beside family homes and kid’s schools is ludicrous.

The facts show that most will be kicked out, and then the mayhem will ensue. Add to that the addict “friends” that will hang out in the area, as well as dealers ready to oblige all those that will constantly be kicked out. Given the facts, there’s no doubt that in little time the whole area will become a cesspool of drugs and crime.

If the intention is to help addicts, then do it in a way that doesn’t harm innocent people.

Seth Anthony

Thanks for that Buckwheat.

Here’s yet another with what occurs around the Mustard Seed location in Kamloops:

The author say’s, “I would be happy to have them set up shop in my own neighbourhood”.

This of course is total BS. She say’s it only because she knows one won’t be in her neighborhood. If it were, then along with the thefts, the break and enters, the bio hazards strewn about, the assualts, etc, etc, this “keyboard warrior” author would be the first one yelling to get it out of her neighborhood.

Dennis Bremner

Say what? But Mr Mustard Seed he is a good neighbor and everyone loves him and his establishments. The trouble with this bullsh*t is some are swallowing it. “but he says he will address any complaints”…and he will, till he gets the permit and then much like rats from a sinking ship, there will be no one to answer those complaints. The permit, is his ticket. All he wants to do is placate people with sweet nothings, until he gets it, then suddenly…”God’s work” supersedes ANY community problem!

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Seth Anthony

Another gem:
The author say’s “Please take the time to learn what The Mustard Seed is all about on their website at”

YAY!, let’s throw out objectivity and bow down to confirmation bias and propaganda.
The author is in dire need to take her own advice.


Thanks Seth. I’m sure the issue of open masturbation in a public area should it occur here, will be addressed with a few street lights. Just as in Kamloops.

Seth Anthony

Nor will lights have any affect on the thefts, the break and enters, the bio hazards strewn about, the assualts, etc, etc.

These criminals simply don’t care, as they know that even if they do get caught, there’s basically no repercussions. Heck, they know that so much that they now do all those things in broad daylight.

There have been thousands of surveillance videos and pictures posted on various sites since the scs opened and attracted countless addicts to Lethbridge. The vast, vast majority of the crimes are being committed by young, addicted indigenous people. I mention that because if you note in court reports of a criminal indigenous person, the defense always cites “Gladue Law”. Gladue law basically states that indigenous criminals must receive extremely lenient judgements, and incarceration must be avoided at all costs. I mention that because it is the answer to the thousands and thousands of people that keep asking why these people with a long list of criminal behavior going back years, are constantly being charged and released to continuously harm others.

Dennis Bremner

Wait till the addicts in Medicine Hat and all points north and west find out if they come to Methbridge they get a free hotel room and food. You can be sure that Moms Stop the Harm will be running free shuttle services and probably be busy enough to post a daily schedule of departure times!
They approve the Ramada and we begin our spiral down to Vancouver East Side Part 2!

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