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Who are the authentic sources?

By Letter to the Editor on December 18, 2020.

Dr. Trushar Patel, in the Dec 9 guest column “Understanding COVID vaccines,” did a fine job explaining them, informing that “we are looking at about 200 vaccines at different stages of development.” Further along Dr. Patel caused bells to ring – loud! – with these words: “at this stage, the long-term side effects of an mRNA vaccine aren’t known.”
He also urged readers to “stay away from conspiracy theories and false information,” recommending the CDC, WHO and the “Government of Canada” as “authentic sources” of information. What humour! So I’m a “conspiracy theorist” if I question authority or decisions made on my behalf, etc. – beautiful. Are we living in a democratic or a fascist state?
In October Dr. David Nabarro, WHO special envoy on COVID-19, told world leaders to “stop using lockdowns as a primary control method.” World “leaders” obviously are ignoring this “authentic source.” Canada’s own supreme authoritative light bulb on all things health told us “there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission,” and that “we shouldn’t close our borders to countries with high levels of infection.” Another completely incompetent “authentic source” I unwillingly pay to sling the bull.
Then there’s the failure of CDC, who Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek blew the whistle on after discovering they’d fudged COVID-19 death figures, an intentional pursuit hinging on criminality. And on and on. There’s hundreds of highly accredited doctors ready and willing who’ve raised alarms – voices drowned by big pharma, and a bought media in the play eager to cash in on mass inoculation via a prescription, of which “long-term effects are not known.”
I’ll leave the quacks of the media, WHO, CDC and government pushers to their grand experiment, relying on practising health professionals with credentials over media-addicted talking heads for my information.
Suggested Goggling for more info is “Charlie Kirk – nine doctors speak out” and “I can’t keep doing this, doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 senate review.” These interviews will inform. They may even cause some to ponder if it’s wise to participate in a mass experiment of which long-term effects are an unknown!
Alvin W. Shier

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Its entirely your choice on whether to take the vaccine and despite what many people say I don’t think it’s going to mandatory in the future. Saying that, we absolutely need accurate information on possible and future side effects. You say to Google Charlie Kirk and what I found is a right wing activist along with his organization Turning Point that is anything but unbiased. He has a right to his opinion but excuse me if I read his opinions and reports with a tad bit of skepticism.

Seth Anthony

The author did not say to Google Charlie Kirk. The author said to Google “Charlie Kirk – nine doctors speak out”. I hope you just misread it, and aren’t doing attacking the characteristics of the messenger (Ad Hominem logical fallacy), instead of critiquing the message. I do however suspect the former.

Here’s the You Tube video of what the author is referring to:

Side note: I haven’t watched the video. I only posted the direct link to make it easier to get the info that the author is referring to.

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Seth Anthony

Covid has no affect, or little affect on 99% of the population. The minuscule amount (1%) of the population it does have a significant impact on, are generally already deathly ill to begin with. So much so, that just contracting the regular flu would have likely killed them. As such, it is those that may need protection, not the 99% that Covid has no affect on.

Covid has been around for about a year now, and those facts have been known since just about day 1. Yet, hysteria ensued. Governments started to protect the vulnerable and mandated PPE (which is all good) but also isolated and locked down the 99% of the population to which Covid has no affect on. The notion of that, in of itself, is idiotic, but it’s the repercussions of such that are even worse. These needless measures have significantly harmed, and continue to harm the vast majority. Throwing millions out of work, countless family businesses destroyed, significant increases in suicides, poverty, domestic abuse (including child abuse), drug and alcohol addiction, drug overdoses, mental illness, etc. To add to that, the trillions spent on these useless measures, will have to be paid back. That will mean a significant increase in taxes in one way or another, and will further increase the negative impacts to society that I just spoke of. This so called “cure” has caused, and continues to cause more societal damage than Covid itself.

This is all much more of a feardemic than a pandemic.

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So, Alvin at least made one true statement: “… I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’ …”

“Conspiracy theories are essentially irrefutable: logical contradictions, evidence showing the opposite, even the complete absence of proof have no bearing on the conspiratorial explanation because they can always be accounted for in terms of the conspiracy. The lack of proof about a plot, or any positive proof against its existence, is turned around and taken as evidence of the craftiness of the secret cabal behind the conspiracy. It is seen as confirmation of the conspirators’ ability to conceal their machinations.”


So as per usual attack the messenger as a conspiracy theorist when you make no attempt to refute any of the information provided. Yawn.


You’ld have to find something of substance to refute, Buckwheat. Making things up to satisfy your suspicion (contempt?) of expertise and scientific evidence doesn’t meet the threshold for being ‘information’.

Seth Anthony

Wait, what?

The author provided valid and logical arguments to support his main assertion. How can you possibly claim he’s a conspiracy theorist?


Except it has been proven in trials globally that there is little to no benefit in prescribing HCQ to treat covid. I’m sorry but I’ll take the multiple studies results over the opinions of a handful of doctors.

Seth Anthony

Except, the author’s post isn’t actually about HCQ.

The author’s post is about contradiction in the so called “experts”.

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