May 25th, 2024

Bone-headed stunts don’t help matters

By Letter to the Editor on December 19, 2020.

Yesterday (Dec. 12) my son and I were driving south down Mayor Magrath and two tractors holding four idiots were blocking all three lanes. We followed them for about 15 blocks in the lineup of cars, and I was about to ask my son to call the police when I saw flashing lights in the middle lane. Traffic parted and the officer pulled over the righthand tractor, the left one skedaddling away.
My son said they can get tickets for impeding traffic, stunting (which only required that you are trying to attract attention to your vehicle, no masks (two people per tractor), and one with no seatbelt (tractors have one seat). They had a sign in the back window stating “Masks do not work! Stop the tyranny!” The only tyranny I saw was them, inconveniencing dozens of people trying to go about their business. I hope they got fined hard!
We need to follow pandemic protocols if we ever plan to defeat this virus. Bone-headed stunts and protests do not help.
Charles Bridges

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Southern Albertan

Agreed..this is particularly pertinent now that we have received news from the Calgary health region that a 20 year old young woman with no predisposing factors, died from COVID.
It’s one thing to “live free and die’ but it’s quite another to be responsible for passing COVID on to others possibly resulting in their death or a life of chronic ‘long haul’ symptoms. As the Conservative Premier of Manitoba said recently, ” I know of a saying in the Bible, “Thou shalt not kill.”
….let alone common courtesy and respect for other.


Hopefully you managed to avoid the one happening this weekend.


I would like to see the police be supported in leavying some serious fines in the several thousand dollar range. Pieces of garbage.


So much intolerance and rush to condemn your fellow citizens. I am so glad not to live next to any of you. Progressives?


Yeah, Resolute supports this kind of crap.


Right back at you. If you find stunts like this enduring, then, please, hold them on your street but not on a major thoroughfare such as Mayor Magrath.You don’t garner support by inconvieniencing your fellow citizens. They should think, before they act.




freedom does not mean one is free to behave carelessly, irresponsibly, and, as in the case noted here, like jackass morons.