May 30th, 2024

Parents need money, not daycare

By Letter to the Editor on December 19, 2020.

The national daycare plan announced recently claims to address a need for child care. But did this government not also create that financial pressure?
If we taxed households at lower rates, if we funded kids directly, then kids would not be in poverty and parents would have a wide range of choices of how to raise their kids. There is no need for daycare per se, but a need for money. Some will use it for daycare, some not, fair enough. But give parents the choice and fund kids directly.
Beverley Smith

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Sorry to sound harsh but we already do. Its called eligible dependents. Along with CTB (not taxed by the way) and subsidies for daycare depending on total income parents have a advantage over people without children, and they should. My parents raised my siblings and I in the 60’s and 70’s without any of these programs and it was hard not saying its not hard now because it is. If you want more money say so,don’t make it look like you are being picked on.


What makes people think the taxpayers should pay for you to raise your children? If you choose to have them, you should be aware of the financial costs associated with that and plan accordingly.

Southern Albertan

Since money talks, other countries who have good universal child care integrated into their education systems, know, that it is good for their economies. They want the expertise of all parents, men and women, available in all fields to compete globally. This is the reality now.