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Crack down on China’s emissions

By Letter to the Editor on December 24, 2020.

Re: carbon tax – China emits 33 per cent of emissions, the U.S. is at 15. They have the jobs; why not cut China off of oil, minerals, food, etc. till they adjust to all the other countries. They want to be number one and they don’t care about anyone.
Rick Meyer

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Seth Anthony

Kill people? Sure why not?

We still have to do our part though. So, lets kill about 10% of the Canadians that drive cars. I wonder if the author will voluntarily be the first.

Last edited 3 years ago by Seth Anthony
Fedup Conservative

I have a cousin who spent 14 years in China and 7 years in South Korea helping them build nuclear power plants to help them try to curb their pollution problem.

Had Meyer bothered to do any research he would know that they are a lot more concerned about their pollution problem than these phoney conservatives are with ours.

How does he explain why it was our oil executives who wanted the carbon tax implemented in Canada?

I would suggest he pull up and read all the articles that prove that I am right. There are many about China and our oil executives.

Seth Anthony

Oil companies wanting a carbon tax, has nothing to do with the environment. It’s all about profit:

Fedup Conservative

So you believe the lies this guy feeds you and you ignore what the oilmen and oil executives have been telling us for years? Who do you think has the most to lose because of a carbon tax, it’s the oil industry of course? Can you prove they wouldn’t? But know it will help them increase sales by proving to the world that they are trying to do something about of pollution problem that Alberta is so famous for.

Are you willing to ignore all the articles written about it such as:

“When it comes to emissions Sweden can have it’s cake and eat it too”
“Sweden’s emissions between 2000 and 2019”
“Shocking truth about B.C carbon tax it works”
“Alberta oil executives support carbon tax”

Why don’t you read all the articles that prove that the oil executives support it.

While you are at it explain to us how this carbon tax is going to financial destroy us when it hasn’t in any of these other countries who support it? Sweden has had it since 1991 yet Kenney fed Albertans the lie that it had never been tried anywhere, yet B.C has had it since 2008.
It’s a well known fact that it actually helps 60% of the people and it was in Alberta until Kenney destroyed it costing this province billions of lost revenue, Ottawa is now getting it.

Some of us aren’t dumb enough to whine about the carbon tax , that we know will help our oil industry, while we ignore what Ralph Klein did us with deregulation and the huge fees it added to our power and gas bills, so why do you?

Seth Anthony

What the heck are you going on about?

Last edited 3 years ago by Seth Anthony
Seth Anthony

The oil companies won’t lose much of anything like you said. They’ll just pass on most of additional cost to the end user.

The oil companies now support a carbon tax for “public optics”, and much more importantly, to protect their bottom line of profit. Exactly how a carbon tax will protect their profit is in the link I provided. Your notion that oil companies want a carbon tax because it will help the environment, is ludicrous.

Here’s another article (U.S.) which shows why oil companies want a carbon tax. Again, it has nothing to do with the environment.

The rest of your post following the first paragraph is irrelevant information that has something to do with carbon tax efficacy, but has nothing to do with the argument I presented.

Last edited 3 years ago by Seth Anthony

china is foremost a human rights disaster. seth mentions “it is all about profit”. indeed it is. we sold out the heart of our economy, and a massive chunk of our independence, in allowing our scum business “leaders” to gut manufacturing jobs here, and set up shop in china. the usual canadian way: let someone else have the jobs and innovation. let big corp mine our resources for a song, leave us the pollution, and a few pennies in “royalties” lol it is a sick joke.
we want the “two michaels” home, and yet we trade with china like nothing has happened; we purport to stand for human rights, and we trade with china like their human rights record is acceptable…profit before anything else. i suspect china would produce less emissions were other countries, that sold out their manufacturing to china and business “leaders”, doing their fair share of manufacturing.

Seth Anthony

It’s not like that’s going to change anytime soon. Low labour cost means a much lower product price. Low cost products is what the people want, and what sells. Money is always the motivating factor. Human rights and the environment are for show only.

Fedup Conservative

The true senior conservatives in my world get really tired of these ignorant seniors who ignore the facts . The lawyers tell us they had better hope that someone doesn’t decide to haul them into court because they have absolutely nothing to defend themselves with.

The pollution you speak of is very real and the facts prove it with the orphan well mess and these guys who helped create it by blindly voting for anyone who used the word conservative and ignored what oilmen were telling us had better hope these farmers and ranchers effected by it don’t decide to start suing anyone who allowed it to happen. I wouldn’t be out there bragging to the world that I was one of them, would you?