May 24th, 2024

Pandemic measures are painted using a broad brush

By Lethbridge Herald on December 26, 2020.

The Problem
The government can only paint with a broad brush and so when they shut the economy down they do exactly that and close all businesses even those that are perfectly safe and could remain open. The result is frustration and resentment at the unfairness as well as deeper economic losses and ultimately more government debt.
The saddest result is that many businesses that are forced to shut down unnecessarily will shut down forever and that’s a permanent loss of employment and tax revenue and to the general prosperity of our society. It’s also a loss of entrepreneurial spirit which is one of the basic drivers of the Alberta economy; one that our government professes to place a high value on.
A solution
It’s understandable that the actions of a centralized government cannot accommodate all of the nuances and complexities of a functioning society and its economies. In this pandemic instance, it would be wise and effective for governments to decentralize some functions even if only temporarily.
COVID Ombudsman
The most recent shutdown closed one business and left another open with precisely the same offering. The difference was that the exempted business offered a small retail component. If our municipality was assigned a COVID ombudsman those inconsistencies could be appealed and eliminated resulting in fairness and continued survival of at least some businesses.
This is a time to think outside the box and engage the wisdom and experience of real people who are actually “living it.” Politicians often lack actual business experience and therefore are incapable of presenting creative solutions to difficult problems. It’s time to ask for and listen to the advice of those non politicians who could really help deliver practical solutions. Ten days ago, I called my Lethbridge East MLA and proposed the “ombudsman” solution. Although his receptionist was very enthusiastic about the proposal I have not received a call back from my government representative.
Bob Ackerman

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the biggest mistake in all of this has been allowing int’l travel throughout this pandemic. it is an insult to all adversely affected by all other measures; and, it is int’l travel that brought covid here, and continues to bring it here. making matters worse, no real testing of travelers, and no enforcement of quarantines. it makes a mockery of covid and measures that are rather heavy handed for many affected financially and healthwise. i call bs.


Agreed wholeheartedly. It is moronic of our government not to address all of the international travel in and out of the country, especially at the initial onset of the covid pandemic.

Kal Itea

This Covid pandemic is not a dress rehearsal. Now we have Covid-variants that are much more communicable.
Full power decision-making must be directed by medical scientists, not some misguided politician who has personal interests at mind.
The health of the population is number one in importance in this crisis.
The dead don’t buy or sell anything.