May 28th, 2024

Freedom of religion is sacrosanct

By Letter to the Editor on January 13, 2021.

Jacob Van Zyl in his opinion piece from Saturday’s Herald (Dec. 19) asks the question if divine interference with a person’s hereditary profile is “impossible.” That is “David’s corrected DNA” being now devoid of original “sin.” This would be part of the “greatest of miracles,” a “cosmic event” according to the writer.
The only “cosmic” event associated with Christmas that I am aware of is the “Christmas Star” which can be seen on the solstice this year. A remarkable alignment of Jupiter and Saturn.
The Biblical story is oft repeated as a source of inspiration at this time of year and offers to many comfort, whilst to others a fairy tale without any basis in fact. Faith (“tradition/ritual”), as referenced in a further opinion piece from Saturday’s Herald concerning Paganism, suggests something “deeply personal,” bringing peace and hope in a topsy-turvy world.
Freedom of religion is sacrosanct — as is the freedom to reject such teachings.
Rather than a belief in the “control of millions of galaxies” and DNA manipulation by a divine entity, a belief in and respect for the earth makes considerably more sense to me.
The writer has his belief, I have mine.
John P. Nightingale

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