May 21st, 2024

Biological warfare a quiet frontline plan

By Letter to the Editor on January 14, 2021.

Letter: Mel Godlonton’s strawman attack on Arlene Butler (Jan. 6) just proves that wrath feels right.
The problem for Mel is that Arlene is right.
Thanks to the leak of a speech delivered by China’s military to its Communist Party masters, we know biological warfare’s been a quiet frontline plan in Beijing for decades.
It’s posted online as “The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian.” In a 2002 closed-doors session, Gen. Chi addressed the Communist pollution problem, and specified Canada, the U.S. and Australia as solutions for Beijing’s “mass colonization” needs — following the use of “nondestructive weapons that can kill many people.”
Chi credited the late Deng Xiaoping for delaying the decision to enlarge the Chinese navy, concentrating instead on “lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations.”
Canada’s been too much of a pushover for Deng’s successor, Chairman Xi. Beijing’s 2014 hack into the National Research Council, then the Two Michaels, and then the 2019 specimen thefts from Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory by Xiangguo Qiu — promptly expelled, not detained.
That year, the Wuhan Institute of Virology apparently suffered a consequential leak.
Wuhan’s Public Security Bureau immediately covered it up, accusing Dr. Li Wenliang and his colleagues of “spreading rumors” about “a new SARS” and scrubbing their social media accounts.
Meanwhile, celebrants of the Chinese New Year began to depart for international destinations.
Anyone seeking an exact trail of evidence will need to pursue it without official cooperation. But if the leak of Novel Coronavirus 2019 was deliberate, then be sure Beijing’s planners have been studying the world outbreak closely.
Countering Mel once more, China’s traditional culture actually suffered its worst blows under the brutal “Great Leap Forward” of Chairman Mao.
This reign of terror uprooted China’s “Four Olds” (culture, customs, habits, ideas), cost 45+ million lives and helped make Mao history’s worst mass murderer. It stripped succeeding generations of any heritage that might distract from the Communist Party.
And cargoes of opioids arrive in North America as another Beijing policy. No shots fired there either.
It’s silent, gradual. As Gen. Chi told his audience, “death is the engine that moves history forward.”
Tom Yeoman

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Southern Albertan

Can anyone verify whether there are either hidden or blatant Chinese partnership/shareholder interests within the companies involved in the proposed controversial open-pit coal mining in Alberta? Selenium poisoning in our drinking water? Far-fetched?


and our great “leaders” have conspired to make china – a massive human rights abuser and disaster – the most powerful nation of the day. and please, do not seek to make of the stupidity and wickedness that comes from greed by pinning this on trudeau – this scam has nothing to do with con/lib/dem/rep…they all are complicit.