January 23rd, 2021

Kenney needs to take the lead

By Letter to the Editor on January 14, 2021.

Mr. Jason Kenney:
You are our leader of this beautiful province. You tell people no Christmas celebration with family, no New Year’s party with friends and you have people in your caucus who travel to warmer climates, one even went to the U.K. where COVID-19 is very bad and this could travel.
And you, our leader, did not make it clear to these people they should not travel.
Mr. Kenney, how old are these people? Please, Mr. Kenney, be a leader and show these people the door.
Thank you!
Ann Rudolph

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John P Nightingale

Yes indeed…..And perhaps Premier Kennedy, follow them out the door….

Southern Albertan

Perhaps there are murmurings that even some of Premier Kenney’s own want him gone. Expect a leadership review?

Fedup Conservative

Great idea that’s how we got rid of Klein.

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