May 21st, 2024

Positivity is a pick-me-up

By Letter to the Editor on January 14, 2021.

Letter: It was a pleasure reading the commentary in the Jan. 2 edition.
It provided thought-provoking and optimistic viewpoints for 2021. This positive outlook was reinforced in the results of Saturday’s poll where over 60 per cent of respondents said they were optimistic for 2021.
I’m glad to read that most people take a mature and confident view of the future, even with COVID-19 surrounding us.
This positivity is opposed by those who would want to pull us down. Too many people in the public space take the opportunity to dwell and promote the negative. It is so invasive and over time pervades our every thought. We can get negative and pessimistic and don’t see the root of why.
National TV news and some politicians, particularly those in the opposition, constantly voice the negative without providing practical suggestions. This is especially true for those who don’t have to be responsible for decision making.
As for COVID, I’m not saying for a moment that we should ignore the numbers or hide from the truth or face reality. We need to know and be guided by what’s going on.
But too many politicians use the media to spout only negativity. They want to bring us down to their level. They are now being defined by their glumness and constant pessimism.
We will remember this. It takes a real effort to be positive. I’m so glad to read the Herald’s commentary and the editor’s taking a leading role. It’s gratifying to see citizens taking the high road to generate some much-needed positivity.
Tom Burns

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Southern Albertan

Well, being positive is a good thing but in reality, 2021 has started out with a real negative bang, i.e.COVID worsening with increasing deaths in many parts of the world including certain areas in Canada, the Trump trainwreck and the dread of ongoing ultra right wing populist authoritarian Trumpism and its radical effect on Canada, the ongoing trainwreck with Kenney UCP ultra right wing populist authoritarianism, foreign interests wanting to blow the tops of Alberta Rocky Mountains for open-pit coal mining with the threat of toxic selenium in our waters rubberstamped by the AB Kenney UCP……..
Perhaps this ‘negativity’ could be offset with more folks becoming aware of what is really going on and voice their concerns let alone with their votes. There comes a time when there cannot be complacency.