May 18th, 2024

Happiness comes when acknowledging others rights

By Letter to the Editor on January 15, 2021.

Dear Editor:

Civil war, attacks on democracy, and breaching national offices are often associated with countries of the ‘developing world’. However, what we saw (in Washington) was the population of the “greatest country in modern day history” acting lawlessly.
As a young Canadian citizen, I never imagined that my neighbours across the border would act in a manner that directly contradicts the fundamentals of democracy, in the name of democracy.
The growing civil unrest and the growing division amongst the American population fueled by political ideology is directly interfering with the progression and fundamental democratic system the nation was built on.
I’d like to reiterate the words of the wise Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who delivered a speech on same Capitol Hill that was infiltrated. He states that true happiness can be achieved only when individuals recognize the rights of others and actively strive to fulfil them. Unfortunately, the events that unfolded on Capitol Hill was the exact opposite, and a stain on the history of the United States.
Kunwar Karim
Alliston, Ont.

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Southern Albertan

Agreed….and Canada/Alberta needs to be very wary of what ultra right wing populist authoritarian politics can destructively do, as it has done in the USA thanks to Trumpism.


not sure why the outrage – the usa has run roughshod on rights and democracy since its inception. then, without ever cleaning up their act, they grew to run roughshod over the rights of peoples and societies the world over, effectively stealing away the wealth and any chance at any semblance of freedom and democracy in those lands. the attempting lynching of capitol hill is perhaps one of the most honest acts by the american hordes we have seen in some time; it is not desirable or acceptable, but is does lay bare the underbelly of one of the greatest lies history has known.


the left say it’s the billionaires corrupting society the right say it is corrupt government when its really billionaires corrupting the government


While what happened in DC is nothing to be proud of, it’s absurd to quote some Muslim and hold him up as a beacon of wisdom. One only needs to look at the world established by Islam to see that while it talks a good talk, reality shows that this medieval model of living is rife with human rights abuses; poverty; unchecked extremism and way of life that no Westerner would aspire to.

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