May 21st, 2024

Can a newly-tested vaccine be used?

By Letter to the Editor on January 16, 2021.

Re: Letter I faxed on Jan. 6 and a few dayss later Rachael Harder wrote a column stating the same concerns.
Well, I have never met or her talked to her. So you see more people think the same way.
If Mr. Nightingale can send his letter and you print it, I’m sure my letter should be printed, too.
Like his last comment, he has his opinion and we have ours.
And a great concern about the vaccine for a lot of us is how can you use this if it’s only been tested for a few months? Most take years. There is no vaccine for a virus!
Nellie Slingerland

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It would be nice if some of these people would actual research the science. Respiratory virus research has been going on for years. That they had genetic mapping of covid19 early led to exponential development of the vaccine. It’s 2021, not 1921.


Or go get a tour of the facility if you are hesitant…don’t just make an unfounded personal assumption on subject matter your don’t understand.

We will forever deal with these people down here in the bible belt unfortunately.

John P Nightingale

Seeing you referenced myself in the above letter, allow me an observation.
First my opinion regarding preaching “DNA manipulation” by the almighty and purifying of David’s lineage along with the control of galaxies is nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines.
At least that is what I thought.
Upon reading the final words stating “there is no vaccine for a virus”, you are clearly reading the same playbook as Van Zyl.
Your choice of course – believing in a controlling divine entity and seemingly of the opinion that viruses cannot be controlled by a vaccine are one of the same.
Mrs Slingerland, do some actual medical research. If you did a brief scan , it should illuminate you regarding smallpox, measles and polio to name three that have either been eliminated or controlled by vaccines, not divine intervention.
(Granted Van Zyl was not talking about vaccines but neither was I. Your material source is however I would suggest , one of the same)

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John P Nightingale

The article by Francis is nothing to do with my observations and the questions concerning Slingerland’s content are solid. Vaccine shortage cannot be blamed on Trudeau , in fact there are many suggesting that Canada has ordered too many , depriving other countries of their allotment.
That Pfizer shut down production temporarily is not his fault either.
Agreed that better oversight by both the feds and provinces could have and should have been better.


not sure why the unbridled faith in pharm. their combined past is loaded with so-called meds that have caused far more harm than not. these have not been a one-off, but continue today. the synthetic opium scam – lovingly coined “opioids” – is one of the latest and most massive. but let us not forget the oh-too-many others. here is a top ten in terms of cost
then, there is this lengthy wiki list
and, we have not even discussed the mass drugging of little kids and teens with the likes of ritalin, adderall, concerta, dexedrine…well the list is a long one; but, don’t forget to add the likes of a variety of ssri drugs that they are often combined with, that have mind altering and physical effects that are more profound than lsd and psilocybin.
add to the horrific, sordid mess the savage abuse rendered to sentient creatures in order to create the frankensteinian cash cows, and the pharm industry is woefully beyond redemption. i support every person’s right to be the final decision maker with regard to their life and their body. however, to support the torture and abuse of animals is despicable. and, given the industry’s penchant for profit over all things, and the resulting litany of poisons they have put to market, i suggest the covid vaccines are a risky bet, and like all animal tested products, come with bad karma.


This is not the dumbest post I’ve read today but it’s up there.

 <There is no vaccine for a virus!

Some Dutch stay-at-home mom challenges science. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it invalid.

Stay in your lane Nellie.