May 28th, 2024

We need to look in our own backyard

By Letter to the Editor on January 16, 2021.

The Alberta Energy Regulator informs us that there are eight orphan well sites that date back 100 years and one of them was drilled back in 1911.
AER then informs us that there are thousands of orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells and sites that need to be cleaned up.
Added to this are the abandoned and obsolete pipelines that go back a hundred years.
If there were wells drilled in 1911 and 90 years later in 2001 no one had reclaimed them, why didn’t your leaders issue money to clean them up 20 years ago?
This is the incompetent conservatives you all cheerfully elected year after year after year.
You, who blindly elected them, now have to pay for what common sense tells us oil companies should pay for.
You voters continue to badmouth Trudeau while neglecting to look at your own polluted backyard.
Jim Prentice was the only one who told the truth when he said “Look in the mirror.”
Esa Salonen
Pincher Creek

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old school

Hmmm seems Notley and her supposed environmental caucas missed them
also.Guessing it wasn’t important to them.


sorry, the herald does no longer permit one to delete nor edit an entry…they are now the sole arbiter of what is and is not…all hail the herald!
if i could edit, i would withdraw “stupid”, as i do not at all suggest you or your entry is such.


yes, it does seem notley did not take the culprits to task, either. however, surely one is not so stupid as to suggest that this absolves decades of cons govts (vs.4-ish years of ndp) of their enormous culpability.