May 25th, 2024

Kenney, UCP consulted over Keystone XL

By Letter to the Editor on January 27, 2021.

Not satisfied with the gamble on AIMCo investments, Kenney unilaterally transferred nurses’ and teachers’ pensions with the right to control future investments. However, in his zest to continue to fund oil and gas he decided to gamble again on Keystone XL.
The hypocrisy is Kenney claiming foul in not being consulted on the cancellation of XL and demanding restitution for losses on the investment for government and TC Energy. All in the context of misrepresenting what the UCP state are the advantages to teachers and nurses. No consultation and guarantee of restitution if future losses are incurred; and no compensation to the AIMCo public pension fund losses on junior oil and gas ventures.
Kenney stated those losses can be expected in volatile markets but to be blocked on a gamble that Trump would win could not be expected even as Biden clearly stated he would cancel as one of his first executive orders.
Kenney states this is not how you treat a friend. I would prefer to state this is not how you treat Alberta public sector pensioners/contributors and taxpayers.
So, we will see the UCP in the Alberta courts and as Kenny states in the US courts.
Perhaps we will not forget during the next provincial election.

John Percevault

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I had the same thoughts about the open pit coal mining in the headwaters – no public consultation. Heck, the Australian coal mining companies knew about it before Albertans did. Talk about sneaky. Now with the KXL decision, I wonder if he has reflected on his own approach to making decisions.


So what you are saying is that it doesn’t matter which decision Kenney and his government made, it was the wrong one. Hindsight is always 20/20 and your letter is an example of looking in the rear view mirror of criticism. Can they do better, of course.


I think the point us ‘how’ the decisions are made. You may want to review the fable of the sun and the wind in their effort to make some fellow remove his jacket.

Kenney’s proclivity to corporate socialism is an ideological fixation that is going to contine to hurt Albertans.

Fedup Conservative

So let’s get it straight apparently you don’t know the difference between a true conservative and a Reformer? You don’t care how they treat our doctors , nurses, teachers, AISH recipients, you don’t care that they created this horrific orphan well mess under Ralph Klein, You don’t care that Kenney is putting our water supply at risk, is promising to cut 11,000 nursing jobs, while he cuts $9 billion off taxpayers revenues to benefit the rich, you don’t care how badly he handled the Covid mess, or the lives you don’t care how he has been wasting $1.5 Billion of taxpayers money on a pipeline that Joe Biden made it crystal clear he was going to scrap. The fact that Kenney popularity has dropped from 61% down to a pathetic 27% and you don’t care about that either , aren’t you a hero. I’m sure this Liberal , turned Reformer is very proud of your ignorance .The fact is apparently you enjoy being at the bottom with the rest of the losers.
Have you noticed you seem to be the only one left dumb enough to support him?

Kal Itea

From a little right of centre Canadian newspaper :

Is the man a clone?

Fedup Conservative

Thanks for posting that . It certainly makes truth of the MLAs from the Lougheed era who taught me that you can’t trust a Reformer. Looking after their own well be-ing and that of their rich friends, while spreading lies is what they do do best as they pointed out.

It also reminds of Ralph Klein’s mother’s comments. When he was trying to campaign to become premier his mother Flo told my mother that she didn’t think that he was capable of running this province properly and he didn’t.
Once again, as his daughter Angie points out, he always call himself a Liberal while he used Reform Party policies and deliberately destroyed what Lougheed created for us. Kenney is caring on where Klein left off.