May 19th, 2024

Kenney needs to move on

By Lethbridge Herald on January 28, 2021.

The Lethbridge Herald Jan. 23 2021 carried a front page, scathing commentary by Ms. Harder on the XL pipeline being the fault of Mr. Trudeau.
It seems Ms. Harder is woefully uninformed on the history of this pipeline.
She apparently does not do her homework before making her vitriolic pronouncements.
Mr. Harper in 2013 said to business people in New York “it’s a no brainer” and “we won’t take no for an answer.” Hubris abounded that day.
Well we all know what happened don’t we, all except Ms. Harder of course.
It was nixed by Obama in 2015 as not being in the “national interest.”
Do your homework Ms. Harder! Be informed! Facts count!
The blame game doesn’t work!
Josephine Aristone

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Dennis Bremner

Perhaps you might want to do a bit of homework yourself Joesephine! It is the job of the Federal Government to market/promote and get the deal done at the Country level of negotiations!
The mere fact Mr Dressup enjoys his pie in the sky Planet thoughts, and somehow does not see XL being part of his planet is why the appropriate marketing has not been laid out for all to see. The mere fact you “understand” why XL is now dead, makes me think you did not understand what takes XLs place?
Over the next 4 years we will begin to see 533 railcars shuttling Oilsands Oil to Texas, on a Warren Buffet owned railway system (BNSF) with a Warren Buffet owned Rail Car (Procor/Union Tank Car) company producing those rail cars, and a Warren Buffet owned Refinery (Texas/Louisiana), pushing the refined product through Warren Buffet owned Pipelines(deal closed Aug 20 2020) just before Biden formally announced he would kill XL) to the Gulf Coast.
Care to guess who is the largest contributor to the Democratic Party? Need help? Doesn’t this just scream “save the planet”? 🙂
Sidebar- Largest Contributor to the Obama/Biden Election Campaign? Need help, go ahead take a WAG?

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diplomacy works

Oh, Dennis. Is it really the job of the federal govt to sell stuff?
Let’s say it is. Then Harper failed abysmally to get this same pipeline, KXL, through the Obama White House. When Biden was Vice President.
For good measure, Harper insulted Obama calling the decision a no brainer and making clear his preference for Republicans.
I guess by your sales metric – Trudeau succeeded in selling stuff because Trump signed an executive order – twice – to get KXL going. And Trudeau, like every other PM, approved and promoted KXL.
Kenney gambled on Trump winning a second term and dumped billions into the same pipeline – the one that had been protested by everyone from ranchers to state governors for 13 years.
For good measure Kenney called Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, brain dead. The same governor who is a chair of Biden’s campaign team. Like Harper, he had made clear his preference for Republicans and didn’t have the sense to reach out to Democrats.
Why? Because he knows the base will tell themselves, and others, any lie imaginable to avoid taking responsibility for being terrible at their jobs – whether that jobs is managing a pandemic or “selling” pipelines. Y’all buy it and the Cons keep shovelling it.

When will it end? With Alberta bankrupt and separating once all the people who can have left the province? 
It just might.

Dennis Bremner

Josephine, perhaps if you understand what this does to Canada, it may help? Canada’s representative is Trudeau and his Caucus. So, when the money in Ottawa is all gone, will you accept the fact that it was okay that Trudeau didn’t give a crap when he should have been fighting for us?
I quote from the article below:
The Fraser report argues that this unbalanced flow of federal money to and from the provinces will come under further strain in the future because of the pandemic’s economic damage, growing provincial and federal deficits and “most importantly the decline of the energy industry, which has arguably funded fiscal federalism in past years.”
“The state of the energy sector adds urgency to the need to re-examine fiscal federalism,” said McMahon. “For over a decade, Alberta’s taxpayers have funded the lion’s share of federal funding flowing to Atlantic Canada and Quebec. The decline of the energy industry will remove this source of funding. To return to a federal balance, Ottawa will have to dramatically cut spending, reform fiscal federalism, or raise taxes.”

Last edited 3 years ago by Dennis Bremner
diplomacy works

Good letter, Josephine Aristone.

It’s tiresome beyond belief that Kenney and the Cons keep trying to blame Trudeau for everything. But it works with their base.

John P Nightingale

We can argue till we are blue in the face about the virtues (or not) of KXL but the decision did not rest with Canada, no matter how many sales pitches were carried out by this country and no matter how many typical comments from our illustrious MP surface so predictably.
For once it would be nice if Harder and others actually embraced some form of bipartisanship rather the constant and predictable cross – house bickering – especially now with the pandemic raging into its second year.

Southern Albertan

This, is apt:
“Assailed for their own bungles and scandals, Alberta’s UCP doubles down on Justin Trudeau as distraction.”
This Kenney UCP low brain Trudeau blame game is getting more than tiresome.

Dennis Bremner

So its unacceptable for Harder to criticize Trudeau, because its bipartisan politics, yet its okay for Trudeau not to put a Unified Nation Face forward to Biden, because its okay for him to be bias, which he is, to the west?
So, Alberta NDP could have joined UCP and spoke as one. Trudeau could have then joined the NDP and UCP and spoke as one, and it may have made no difference but at least everyone was on the same page!
What I do not like in Canadian Politics, is opposing for opposing sake. There is a time and place for opposition. At nation level we should always speak as one.
This has nothing to do with the UCPs bad politics, or the NDPs bad thought process or Trudeaus Glee in sticking it to Alberta, it is all about have a ONE Nation Strategy and Voice.

diplomacy works

If you want a group (or nation) to speak with one voice, you have to do the work to make sure everyone is in agreement on what ever issue you seek one voice.

There is no indication Kenney spoke with Trudeau and Notley when he planned to put billions into one of the world’s least popular pipelines and one that had been kicked around for 13 years.

In fact, Kenney runs on punching Trudeau and Notley down, any chance he gets. Not to mention how much he enjoys demeaning Americans like Whitmer.

And all that leaves aside the very real point that you want the One Voice to be Your Voice.
I don’t see any indication Cons are willing to support Trudeau or Notley’s green environmental plans on the national stage.

John P Nightingale

Certainly not MP Harder…