May 28th, 2024

Bylaw decision affects residents who rely on The Herald

By Lethbridge Herald on January 29, 2021.

Give me a break!
The same city council that has no problem borrowing tens of millions of dollars for  community projects contrary to  fiscal policy that had been in place for decades, that has no problem setting aside hundreds of thousands of dollars for initiatives that aren’t even within their purview, that  has no problem advocating a “shop local” initiative but is  not interested in following it, that has no problem in lecturing citizens that “their way” is the “only way,” apparently,  does have a problem with supporting the Lethbridge Herald (founded in 1905) at a yearly  cost of a new  truck for the ever expanding city fleet.
With all due respect, the recent  decision disenfranchises numerous citizens who rely on the newspaper to get the information  mandated to be provided to them by the Municipal Government Act.
Rajko Dodic

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Dennis Bremner

Well said!


Think developers now need to pay 400.00 instead of the taxpayers subsidizing the advertisements. Wonder which past council and administration came up with that brainwave. Let’s subsidize millionaire developments. Good for this admin and council shutting down the subsidy.


Let developers pay for advertising but *ensure* that notices are published in the Herald. Supporting print media is more important than ever. Democracy suffers when local news dies: