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Federal Conservatives are getting rattled

By Lethbridge Herald on January 29, 2021.

I think that the Federal Conservative Tent is getting rattled.
If opinion expressed by one Mp. and backed by many grass root members is deemed to be unacceptable, then it is time for this long-time conservative to rethink his membership.
I am pro-life and am of the opinion that our current abortion laws are abhorrent. Canada stands alongside Cuba, North Korea and China allowing abortion at any stage up to natural birth.
Any discussion on the lesbian/gay issue is verboten.
Personally I think nothing will satisfy these folks.
Apparently these were the reasons that Derek Sloan was booted. Expressing his opinion on two topics that the party hierarchy decided to be out of bounds.
On Jan. 21, I dropped in at the Lethbridge Constituency office on this
matter. I was informed that Rachel was in meetings all day.
I therefore left my name, e-mail address, phone number and the topic of my concern, namely Derek Sloan.
As of this day, I have not been contactedby Rachel’s office.
William Halma

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Southern Albertan

Again, it may be, that there are other ways to deal with abortion, which also, may be, not well understood by right wing politics and their supporters.
First, it would hopefully become to be known that a more equal society is a society that has lower abortion rates. Interestingly, The Netherlands has one of the/or the, lowest teen pregnancy rate(s) in the world. This is because there is emphasis on education (their education system is topnotch), getting young folks efficiently into the workforce and businesses, which promotes good self esteem, good knowledge of birth control and being able to afford it, the ability for housing and good nutrition, etc. resulting in less poverty. Poverty means higher rates of unwanted pregnancies. So, there is a lot more involved other than ‘laws.’
And, in the southern Alberta Christian School, which my children attended, there was plenty of ‘having sex’ going on, but as I said to my kids, “if you’re going to have sex, for goodness sake, glove up.” (i.e.use condoms). Let’s not kid ourselves here, young folks, and other folks, of all stripes are having sex.
Perhaps the approach to less abortions, could be more ‘sly/smart,’ a reminder of who caused ‘the man to take off his coat sooner, the wind, or the sun.’
Also, more generally, the federal Conservatives are not doing well in approval ratings. Some of us other political supporters would welcome a split in the right wing vote. 🙂

John P Nightingale

Here is a suggestion for you the writer.
Join the CHP.
They would lovingly embrace your views.
As with Sloan you show a disdain for the “lesbian/gay issue” and use the same tired mantra of Canada being equivalent to “North Korea, Cuba and a China”.
The lesbian/gay status is settled, you need to treat “them” accordingly as your mentor JC would have done.
Late term abortions in Canada are rare, very rare and when performed legally, are for medical emergencies only.
Surprised that our MP did not reply as she has in the past demonstrated support for your thinking. Perhaps though , even she thinks Sloan went too far – who am I kidding?