July 15th, 2024

Reasoning of some is hard to grasp

By Letter to the Editor on February 3, 2021.

Two of these folks’ reasoning is hard to grasp.
A is an otherwise intelligent man getting regular blood transfusions . He has long been anti vaccine and a religious but liberal thinker. He has indicated he would not take covid vaccine. While I worry about his mortality, he tells me he is considering taking ivomac, an insecticide I would not use on my lambs as banned by natural meat standards. An insecticide to kill a virus? He tells me it is used in subsahara Africa to treat guinea worms the argument being that it’s cheap! I ask why he trusts veterinary medicine over medical science and he says lots of material supports ivomac and I wonder who prints this…manufacturer?
Then the kicker, he says he wouldn’t be able to get virus shot anyway for six months.
B is a woman suffering fibromyalgia who is caregiver at my senior home. Year ago she voiced resistance to vaccine because of bad reaction to a regular flu shot. She said she would quit if forced to take any shot because of working here. She has not been forced to vaccinate but now she is quitting to move to warm climate that reduces her pain. While working a bit longer in a senior home, she wants to get covid shot in order to travel!
To be honest, I am eager to be vaccinated to avoid being really sick from this virus and because I have a train ticket in May.
Larry Mackillop

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to each their own – best wishes to those wanting the vaccine, and best of luck. same to those that choose not to take a vaccine.