April 17th, 2024

City creates bullying behaviour

By Letter to the Editor on February 11, 2021.

The disgusting display by the woman where she argued, “she had a medical exemption to not wear a mask,”was a drop in a huge ocean of ignorance and disrespect, that most workers, have had to deal with in Lethbridge.
Lethbridge City’s inability to give clear and concise laws, concerning masks and Covid protocols, have created this kind of behaviour, and resulted in frontline workers being treated with utter disrespect, for simply doing their jobs and trying to justify their employers policy.
The City’s soft approach and not enforcing Health Canada’s mandate, including fines, will result in more deaths. Who exactly are you protecting?
Alberta, particularly Central and Southern, have the worst reputation (now Worldwide) for rude and racist citizens. As the UCP are trying to continuously destroy our natural resources, but don’t consider tourism in these considerations. Although, let’s face it, who would want to come here, spend their money and be treated this way?
Congratulations to London Road Market staff, for being properly trained and allowing one bully to be exposed.
Everyone should use this bad press to start being more pleasant, not only to all strangers but particularly to the workers, who are putting their lives on the line for us — every single day.
Glenda Tailfeathers

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I hope that these front-line (and often minimum wage) employees are at the top of the list for Covid19 vaccines, once the most vulnerable and medical front-line people have been. They have been heroic dealing with Karens this past year.


thanks for a fine letter. while it speaks to bullying and selfishness, it also speaks to racism and hate. our system by its nature separates us into competing entities, as we compete for ever fewer decent jobs, a false scarcity of needs, and against the pride endemic in how we are conditioned to perceive ourselves and others as alike or different, better or worse: ethnic, religious, gender, wealth. the reality is, despite wherever one believes we originate, we all originate from that same place; whatever the model of body we are wearing in this life, we are each of the same essence within. attaching to subgroups as our real self, alienating and being alienated because of subgrouping mindset is the crux of our fear, mistrust and ultimate sorrow: it is an illusion of the sick or unevolved mind. and yet, it is a wicked mistake to see our issues as being a consequence of subgroups, just at is in error that we see our meaning and salvation as being tied to the model of body our energy resides in this life. our issues, therefore, are best approached as being relative to the human whole: either we are evolved and love unconditionally, or we remain ignorant and fearful.