August 4th, 2021

Common Sense Lethbridge needed

By Letter to the Editor on February 20, 2021.

It’s great to see the formation of Common Sense Lethbridge, a much needed grassroots organization dedicated to our city. For all too long, municipal politics have been the forgotten and unappreciated pillar of our democracy.
Municipal elections are generally popularity contests, based on name recognition,rather than on policies or issues.
An organization whose goal is to inform residents on issues and policies affecting them, to offer perspective, and to increase voters’ overall knowledge, can only improve the level of debate.
Their objectives regarding taxes, spending, freedom of choice and accountability closely mirror a recently formed grassroots party, The People’s Party of Canada. Both groups have the same primary mission:Freedom, Fairness, Respect, and Responsibility.
As our lives become more and more subject to political decisions affecting spending, taxation, policing, and medical services, these four principles become paramount in the electoral process. An informed electorate can and will make better decisions.
Ward Grantham

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I support anyone’s right to form an organization to “inform” people on their point of view’ If I listen to them that’s another thing. I find when people say it’s only common sense they’re talking about their common sense not necessarily mine. I look forward to hearing from them and will make my decisions based on my “common sense” and let the cards fall where they may.


Exactly my thoughts gs172.

Kal Itea

Common Sense Lethbridge website doesn’t say who the board members are.
Neither does it say who the volunteers are.
Further, you cite that your party mirrors The People’s Party. I have read alot of stuff abour the People’s Party and I would not give them one cent of my time or money.
You ask for donations.
Donations for what?


Clarification is needed for sure before eternal damnation is applied.

John P Nightingale

The PPC, a party founded by Maxine Bernier and (allegedly) an American white nationalist.
A libertarian, far right party which amongst other things openly opposes COVID restrictions.
Meetings with political outliers like Sloan And Hillier……
The PPC obviously espouses the leanings of Grantham and others – so be it.
That said, don’t expect a donation or a vote from me.


Geez, Nightingale, can you attach anymore conspiracy theories

John P Nightingale

Exactly what part of my comments were “conspiracy theories”?

Citi Zen

We have a Mayor and Coincil. Isn’t that sufficient common sense , and source of public information?
Or maybe not…..


It appears that Mr. Grantham hasn’t heard the one about the libertarian who walks into a bear.